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Azaleas thrive in damp, temperate climates. Autumn Sunburst Encore Azalea offers a rare coral pink color.

Autumn Twist Encore Azalea is a popular bi-color azalea with 3-inch purple and white blooms. Evergreen azaleas are then divided into subgroups. All rights reserved.%=Now().Year.ToString%>, *See Special Offers page for details and exclusions, New Colors, New Possibilities (Our Graphics System), Tools to Help You Get Your Color Right Across All Materials (Graphic Designers), Tools to Help You Get Your Color Right Across All Materials (Fashion Designers), Free Shipping on orders $99 or more!

D3305D CMYK. These azaleas are planted in groups of three to five on mounds as landscape accents. Color values: RGB. Our handy bloom charts will maximize your azalea bloom for months of #reblooming color.

... Find another color PANTONE 17-1842 TPX Azalea. Each variety will vary in size but, as a general rule, evergreen azaleas are as high as they are wide. Autumn Embers™, features blazing red flowers, and works well with the warm and dainty Autumn Ruby™ or the strikingly rich red of Autumn Sunset™ or the true red Autumn Fire™. Consider planting azaleas as the anchor plants for colorful annual … Encore Azaleas are the world's best-selling re-blooming azalea with rich, colorful blooms in spring, summer and fall. This color was named for a flower. The colours are arranged in four fans, housed in a sturdy plastic box with an instruction booklet in English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Native or deciduous azaleas lose leaves in autumn, changing from green to autumn orange leaves as they shed for winter.

Of course, you can always mix and match any of these options to create tiers of color and style in your front yard, making your house a showplace for potential buyers or just for the neighbors. Autumn Carnation enchants all year with heavy ruffled pink blooms for three seasons, and stunning purple foliage in winter.

Or, as the French would say, “vive la di, There are 10 late-blooming Encore®️️️️ Azaleas that can welcome your family and guests for the holidays. Munsell The Munsell Color System, published as the Munsell Book of Color, contains over 1500 color standards which are visually equally-spaced scales of hue, value and chroma. Plant other landscape plants among or near azaleas as the azaleas partner well with other plants and are not invasive. They are low maintenance when planted with good drainage. Encore Azaleas have 31 varieties of bloom colors and sizes to choose from and thrive equally well in high filtered shade or sunny locations - unlike any other azalea in the world. The Combo Library contains pages of azalea color combinations (a.k.a, color schemes and color palettes) for you to choose from. Select tall azaleas as background or wall shrubs. Plant a low-growing border to soften the appearance of irregular or uneven ground. Prune your azaleas after blooming. This page describes the color solid, and gives information about a number of formal color description systems. All Rights Reserved. pink, or a hue modifier plus a hue, e.g.

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