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can we carry garlic in flight

page. Prohibited agricultural items can harbor plant pests and foreign animal diseases that could seriously damage America’s crops, livestock, and the environment – and a large sector of our country’s economy. For a list of endangered species check the following: http://www.cites.org. It can be safer to pack these items in your carry-on luggage, reducing the risk they might be lost, damaged or stolen. Exemptions to this rule include liquid medication and baby food, including quantities of breast milk, formula or juice that exceed the 3-ounce restriction. This page provides examples of items you are allowed to carry on and those that you are not. The U.S. ※Flight information and check-in counters are subject to change. Passengers are allowed to take personal electronics on board, provided they fit the airline's weight and size restrictions. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. APHIS-PPQ Permit Unit, U.S. Department of Agriculture, can provide information about import requirements and permits for plants, plant parts, fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural items. Animal hunting trophies, game animal carcasses, and hides are severely restricted. Pure sand, such as a small container of decorative beach sand, is usually allowed. Call (301) 851-3300, email at: AskNCIE.Products@aphis.usda.gov or VS-Live.Animals_Import.Permits@aphis.usda.gov or go to the Web at Veterinary Services - Safeguarding Animal Health (Import/Export). For information on certificates, contact the USDA/APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine Permit Unit at (301) 851-2046 or (877) 770-5990 Also, check the Information Resources section at the end of this notice for details. These items include laptops, personal audio systems, hand-held gaming devices and digital cameras.

Some airlines also allow you a personal item in addition to your carry-on baggage, such as a laptop or a backpack, although it is always worth checking your specific airline's rules before traveling. If you're concerned about following the rules for the items you can bring on the flight in your carry-on bag, consult the TSA's guidelines. If the items are determined to be for commercial use, violations will be assessed at a much higher rate. Always check with the permit unit in advance for details. APHIS Veterinary Services, National Center for Import and Export (NCIE) can provide information on the importation of live animals and animal products. What Items Are Allowed in Carry-On Baggage for International Flights? Contact the CDC in Atlanta at (404) 639-3311 or (800) 231-4636. Additionally, stone fruit, apples, mangoes, oranges, guavas, sopote, cherimoya and sweet limes from Mexico require a permit. If you’ve had food, plants or souvenirs taken away by an inspector at an international airport, border crossing, or seaport, we want you to understand the reasons. Liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 oz are not allowed in carry-on bags and should be placed in your checked bags if possible. Contact the CDC via e-mail at CDCAnimalImports@cdc.gov. Solid food items (not liquids or gels) can be transported in either your carry-on or checked bags. A strict permitting process governs most organisms, cells and cultures, antibodies, vaccines and related substances, whether of plant or animal origin. This website contains a wealth of information on both import and export regulations and requirements for many items and commodities. Watch the Liquids. For information, access the USFWS web site at U.S. General List of Approved Food and Plant Products. Items that could cause danger to yourself or compromise the safety of other passengers are banned.

So, whether or not the item in question seems to be one that is permitted, travelers are still responsible for declaring those items and presenting them for inspection upon returning to the United States. However, certain plants and ANY plant parts intended for growing (propagative) require a foreign phytosanitary certificate in advance. Please check beforehand.

More importantly, civil penalties may be assessed for failure to declare prohibited agricultural products and may range up to $1,000 per first-time offense for non-commercial quantities.

Most airlines place restrictions on passengers using electronic items during take-off and landing, but passengers are allowed to carry them in their luggage at all times.

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