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Three weeks later, authorities raided the couple’s home in the south of France and confiscated some 100 additional works—271 in total, including 180 individual pieces and 91 drawings contained in a notebook. If the painting has not been sold at auction before, or you do not have its documented history since it left the artist's studio, and it is not listed in the catalogue raisonné, 99% of the time the painting will be rejected.

Complicating the matter further was the discovery that Le Guennec is connected to Maurice Bresnu, Picasso’s late chauffeur. PICASSO AUTHENTICATION EXPERTS & INVESTIGATORS - USA & Europe Expert professional advice on Picasso forensic investigation & authentication & Picasso authentication procedures. However, as of press time, the auction has not yet been rescheduled, pending the conclusion of the investigation of Le Guennec. Another inprogress Picasso catalogue that some dealers and specialists cite is the On-line Picasso Project, which began in 1997 and is based at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. !If the drawing is not included in the latest and most comprehensive catalogue raisonné, The Picasso Project edited by Wofsy, or in the old Zervos catalogue, the only alternative to establish value today is to obtain a signed photocertificate of authenticity from Maya Widmaier Picasso and/or Claude Picasso. Authentication is largely a yes or no question.Attribution means authorship, or finding who is the artist of the painting. (Claude declined to be interviewed directly for this article, referring questions to Andrieu.) John Richardson, in his A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years, characterizes Zervos’s entries as “scanty and often unreliable,” but also calls the catalogue “a godsend to scholars, collectors, curators, dealers, students, not to mention fakers.”, “We really need something to update ‘Zervos,’” said Valentina Castellani, a director at Gagosian Gallery who has worked on Picasso exhibitions such as “Picasso and Françoise Gilot” last year. “So I would say that Maya will probably not be sought out as an The surviving heirs are Picasso’s three other children—Maya (born 1935), the daughter of Marie-Thérèse Walter, with whom the artist had a long relationship; Claude (born 1947) and Paloma (born 1949), the children of another long-time mistress, the painter and writer Françoise Gilot; and two grandchildren, Marina (born 1950) and her half-brother, Bernard (born 1959), the children of Paulo. So if your Picasso does not have an up to date certification from the Picasso Administration, one that either agrees with a former attribution, or underwrites a new confirmation of legitimacy, it is unsafe and will not be unanimously and internationally recognized. He claimed he had kept them in the garage at his home outside Cannes for nearly 40 years. -------------------------------Well documented Artworks-------------------------------The fine art buyers and the big auction houses look mostly at the provenance and the Catalogue Raisonné. In addition, some dealers and auction houses say they are increasingly using the San Francisco–based Picasso Project, a small in-progress photographic catalogue of Picasso’s complete body of work. Claude’s methods are said to be very different. They were initially, wrongly, assumed to be fakes, then to be stolen. Even today, 40 years after Picasso’s death, the question of how his heirs exercise their right under French law to authenticate his work is a knotty one. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Autenticación Some 20 Picasso works were set to be auctioned off at the French auction house Drouot in 2010, but the sale was cancelled when the familial ties were discovered.

ANY artist of European origin, have their rights, called However, according to Neuer and numerous published reports in the French press, the current Le Guennec investigation has uncovered information linking the case suspiciously to Bresnu. Christie’s even auctioned off works from what was called “The Bresnu Collection” in 1998 (with Picasso biographer John Richardson writing the introduction to the auction catalogue). Publishing a catalogue raisonné is important in order to establish control and protection of the art heritage and the market for an artist. That his art, his person, and even his name would exercise such a centrifugal force around the world might have surprised, but not necessarily displeased, Picasso himself, who, according to Richardson, maintained a curious fascination with his own signature. Only individual heirs have this right. According to editor Alan Hyman, the Picasso Project was granted a license by the Picasso heirs to publish a comprehensive catalogue of Picasso’s work.

Marina Picasso’s representative, Jan Krugier, had vouched for the drawings; Claude deemed them to be fakes; Maya considered the drawings authentic but thought the signatures were forgeries. But, in general, there is no aspect of Picasso that is not in demand. Picasso was, by some estimates, one of the wealthiest men in the world when he died, in 1973. PICASSO AUTHENTICATION INVESTIGATION EXPERTS USA & EUROPE..Expert fine art advisors. Autenticación de arte, Authentification d'art, Kunstbeglaubigung, Autenticazione di arte,Kunst Echtverklaring, Autenticação de arte, Kunst Bekreftelse, et tous les faits connus concernant votre acquisition, son passé et la The situation quickly grew more complex when links were discovered connecting Le Guennec to an earlier case involving Picasso’s late chauffeur, bodyguard, and frequent model, Maurice Bresnu, who became known to the art world when he began selling Picasso artworks in the late 1980s, works which he said Picasso had given him by the boxful as a token of friendship. As head of the Picasso Administration, he is the most visible of the heirs; he also has access to the Administration’s archives, library, and contacts. d'une manière professionnelle pour vous que nous considérons comme votre Although Picasso’s life was documented “down to each and every sneeze,” according to art dealer Michael Findlay, no single catalogue raisonné exists of his enormous body of work— estimates run as high as 50,000 works created over more than 75 years—with different periods and media documented and catalogued to greater or lesser degrees. Who are the real authenticators?------------------------------------------------------Originals, Art archives and Artwork Authenticity------------------------------------------------------Before buying an artwork, it is appropriate to verify its provenance and authenticity. Even today, 40 years after Picasso’s death, the question of how his heirs exercise their right under French law to authenticate his work is a knotty one. Aided by a combination of university funding and grants, the On-line Picasso Project has thus far catalogued nearly 25,000 works by Picasso, at a steady rate of about 1,000 per year. identification, Ceramics, services, COA, Forensic, pottery, Provenance, Sculptures, Drawing, works of art, Investigations , Authentic, Attributed, Acrylic, Auctioneers, Ceramic, Fakers, Drawings, Sculpture, Canvas, Certificates of Authenticity, Faux, expert , experts, Fine Art, signatures, Research, catalogue raisonne, Investigate, Certificates of Authenticity, Oil Paintings, Forensics, scams, freemanart, investigating, picasso signature, fake picasso signature, identify, Authentication, Authenticating, Authentification , Confirmation, Verification, Validation, Prove, Approve, Endorse, Ratify, Certify, Corroborate, Authorisation of, Support, Authorize, Authorisation, Authorizing, Confirmation of a, Authenticity of a, Analysis, Forensic analysis, Identification, Investigation of, Evaluation, valuation , Appraisal, appraisals , appraiser. When Claude exercises hisdroit moral to authenticate works by his father, he does so as an individual heir (as does Maya), not in his capacity as the estate administrator. This created a situation that dealers say has been time-consuming and awkward, particularly because auction houses, faced with dual (and dueling) authentication options, were increasingly requiring certificates from both heirs.

Marina, Paloma, and Bernard do not venture into matters of authentication (although Bernard has published studies of Picasso ceramics, and Marina has written memoirs about her grandfather). “There are so many art forgeries out there; that’s why you need to buy from a trusted source like The RealReal,” says Senior Fine Art Specialist, Brittany Gersh.Gersh and her team authenticate fine art daily for works by artists from Miró to Calder.They’re so confident in their verification process, in fact, that they even back it up with a five-year warranty. You will then have a far better understanding of the prospects and indeed the possible pitfalls that could lie ahead. Be that artist Pablo Picasso, or otherwise. “Does this clarify things? Marina Picasso, one of his grandchildren, has sold a part of her inheritance and generally has a stamp that bears her name on the back of her prints and works on paper.

of Literary and Artistic Works in 1928. She has described her authentication procedures as intuitive, saying, “I’m like Hercule Poirot.” Some Picasso specialists refer to her unacademic methods and complain about her slow responses to authentication requests; however, many also emphasize her scrupulousness and honesty, and say that her years of experience and her deep feeling for her father’s work—she told ARTnews about her girlhood memories of her father teaching her to draw—have developed into genuine connoisseurship.

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