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Because of this bug, I CANNOT get my platinum!!!!!! You don't have to eliminate other enemies. PS4 Pro Hard Crash, first time starting with new patch. Upon reaching your destination you will find a trail leading to the Marauder Camp. However, they will probably be busy with fighting with the Freakers if you go there after dark. Use the passages over the damaged fence to enter the camp, Everyone Has To Work (Gear Up For the Ride), ; after freeing them you will complete the task. • Steps to reproduce: Provide the steps necessary if someone else had to reproduce the bug. • Type of Bug: Gameplay, physics, textures, etc. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Reach the end of the tunnel.

When you start attacking, the enemies will get reinforcements. When you return to Lost Lake and perform another mission for the camp (eliminating the Horde - Provide them with protection), Copeland will call you with an additional mission. Traces and trails lead to the gas station in town, where there is a group of armed bandits. This happened to me and it just kept getting worse in other ways. Rikki will ask you to find two dead campers.

glad you solved it. You will find more tracks near the fuel dispenser. . Im stuck there too please fix it , this game is awesome but this buggy quest damaged my experience :(. A bug will ideally be accompanied with a screenshot or a video. The Days Gone subreddit. The format is too complicated for my simple mind, it's up to them to look into the issues. This mission would be very difficult to do quietly - better use weapons and explosives to wreak some havoc. Also had an odd occurrence where my aiming reticule completely disappeared. • Description: In the Active Storylines screen, if you've got more than 1 story, and one of the stories doesn't have any related storylines, that story will get stuck with the related storylines of the previous select story. The Drifter Bikeis the custom motorcycle ofDeacon St. John. Then go down and move to the burned building opposite. Happend to me too, was not able to use rocks or use binoculars also. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. This time all was going well I went in killed the npcs and rescued Ethan and sent him on his way. FREE IOS APP.

Steps to recreate the bugs should be submitted if possible. ... DAYS GONE . Biography. After returning from a hike to Lost Lake with Sarah, you will be able to unlock this side mission.

Protecting the Weak are short story missions in which you usually have to free someone. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. One of the enemies has a flamethrower - shoot the tank with fuel on his back to kill him fast. When the Freaker outbreak occurred, Lisa remained hidden inside her home, waiting for her parents. • Description: Describe what was the bug that occurred.

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