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We added the EPQ ideas, that we thought were suitable, to the list.

18. What Creates A Good Business Leader? 3. Are There Enough Graduates Going Into Cyber Security? 12. Are Anti-Terrorism Laws Inflicting On People’s Privacy Rights? 6. 19. In A-Level by Think Student EditorFebruary 21, 201941 Comments. Disclaimer: These EPQ ideas are only here to inspire you and (hopefully) help point you in the right direction. 5.

I read a variety of articles, books and webpages on the topic to expand the knowledge I already had of the topic.

400+ EPQ Ideas That Guarantee An A* (For Each Subject). 7. 19. Do We Have The Right To Terraform Other Planets? How Tony Blair Became So Hated In The UK 12.

Would an essay about disabled rights be good idea for EPQ. 14. NOTE: Some dissertations do not lend themselves to a Lit. EPQ presentation slides and notes on antibiotic resistance.

To What Extent Can Deforestation Be Justified? What Factors Have Influenced Marketing And How? What Are The Capabilities Of Fractals In Modelling Systems? 19. 20. 6. 16. 8. shakespeares use of masquerade in his plays – like in romeo and juliet and linking it to the era it came from and its links to italy as well, write, direct and perform in a play- could be a parody of a Shakespeare play?- for mythology do a modern version of a classic myth?- link to a topic you are interested in, maybe look at the impact of tourism on low income countries or CO2 emissions from travel, I live in cornwall and iIO what about how will covid 19 aefffect the tourisum industry (please ignore my spelling by back button is broke), Do you go to Callywith (only school i know doing EPQ in Cornwall lol) ? , To what extent to primary school teachers effect the personal development of children. 4. I would finalise my topic sooner and allow myself more time for more in depth research. We added the EPQ ideas, that we thought were suitable, to the list. 10. How Apple Became The Tech Giant It Is Today 3. Pre-game diet and performance: A comparative study on hoe different diet taken before a game affect performance in males and females 9. Do Mechanical Engineers Get Paid Fairly?

17. To What Extent Is Writing An Essential Skill For An Engineer?

17. How the nhs negatively affected the uks economy, could the uk survive without the nhs, is the pay of nhs workers fair, how did COVID 19 effected the nhs and especially the workers, should the uk follow in the steps of other countries and have privatised health care, the history of the nhs and how it impacted the uk, will the nhs be around forever or will it collapse? 19. 11. Any suggestions? hello friends, im from portugal and would like a topic for my IPQ that relates to wine, does anyone got any ideas ?

70% of the world's bacteria have now developed a resistance to antibiotics. Conditions. 14. 20. Why Is The Internet Dominated By The English Language? 1. 7. How Can We Make Houses More Sustainable? 2. ; What do educators identify as the key challenges of transitioning from early childhood to compulsory … Why Do We Need More Civil Engineers? 2. Why Can Some Words Not Be Translated Between Languages? 8. 10. Square 8. It was intended to be a national campaign but the website has since been visited by people over 100 countries including the UK and people all over the world are getting involved in the fight. What Really Causes Alzheimer’s Disease? 17. Why Haven’t More Buildings Been Designed To Reuse Grey Water? 17. Does The Brain Learn Maths The Same Way As It Learns A Foreign Language? What Is Binomial Distribution And How Do We Use It In Maths? 17. 12. How Will Graphene Change The Future? 20. What Impact Does Art Education Have On A Childs Brain? How Was Religion Portrayed In 20th Century British Novels?

The Issues Associated With Building More Than A Mile High What Makes A Child Antisocial? 10. 19. Is Japanese An Isolated Language Or Part Of A Broader Language Family? Should Euthanasia Be Allowed In The UK? Could Global Warming Not Be Caused By Human Activity? 18. Is The UK Becoming More Politically Polarised? What Is The Hardest Language To Learn? 5. Are The European Economies Too Reliant On Each Other? Is Capital Punishment Justified? How To Make An Effective Logo For Your Business. 12. To What Extent Is Architectural Design A Display Of Art? Should We Introduce Non-Human DNA Into Our Genome? 19. The Role Of Physics In Global Warmings Reduction 18. Should We Make More Buildings Earthquake Resistant? 3. Why Is Asthma Raging Out Of Control? 16. How Have Modern Farming Methods Impacted Agricultural Production? What Is String Theory And How Does It Help Us Explain The Universe? 12. 11. How Much Control Should Doctors Have Over Society’s Choices? 5. What Makes French The World’s Most Romantic Language? 14. 11. Think Student Ltd is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, 7 Revision Techniques For GCSE & A-Level (That Actually Work), How To Use Mind Maps Effectively While Studying, How To Revise For GCSE Maths: The Ultimate Guide, The 10 Easiest GCSE Subjects In 2020 (Ranked), The 10 Easiest A-Level Subjects In 2020 (Ranked), How To Write An EPQ Essay (Step-by-Step Guide). 9. 17. 1. What Made Paris The Global Centre For Art In The 20th Century? >>>READ THIS FIRST: 9 TIPS FOR CHOOSING A DISSERTATION TOPIC >>>RELATED POST: HOW TO WRITE A DISSERTATION FROM BEGINNING TO END 1. 17. 4. Is Claiming Insanity A Loophole For Criminals? The Myth Of “Trickle Down” Economics 18. What Are The Most Effective Ways To Lower The Crime Rate? 17.

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