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The old man picked one up for a few pfennigs or ducats or whatever the currency was then, and handed it over to the elder sibling (the responsible one) and me (the idiot son) to drive around the farm to “attend to chores”. The XR8 shares its major equipment specifications with the XR6 Turbo, but is differentiated by its signature bonnet power bulge and the exciting Boss 290 5.4-litre four-valve V8 engine, which moves to the XR8 with the introduction of the FG Falcon. Other reviews are suggesting ‘six second dead’ blasts to 100km/h for the XR8 sedan; the ute would be damn close to that. Will do around 5.5...Read more. * big tray - 1800mmL

It is my first Ford, and I absolutely love it.

FOR: Looks tough, goes hard, great ride and handling, improved cabin practicality.

This now brings us to the point of this little homily: Ford’s fabulous new FG XR8 ute. Probably the penultimate Aussie car, practical to maintain and run while having all the comfort of overseas cars......Very happy with it. Other good points: Fuel economy? It has had a new diff put in it by Ford which has now fixed the issue for now. I bought one of theses a few months back and i have to say it is a great work horse. This combined with hardware updates has improved fuel consumption to 9.9 L/100 km (29 mpg‑imp; 24 mpg‑US) for all entry level naturally aspirated petrol sedans and 10.7 L/100 km (26 mpg‑imp; 22 mpg‑US) for the equivalent utility variants. While Ford has been leaning on its ‘built for work’ origins in its advertising, it is hard to see the XR8 as a workhorse. Of course, throw some really lumpy tarmac into the mix and the back end is noticeably more skittish than the sedan, but for the most part it's quite well behaved. Combined with an unmatched range of high-torque engines - a 4.0-litre I6 in naturally aspirated, dedicated LPG or turbocharged configuration, along with the Boss 290 V8 - the new Ford FG Falcon Ute range is the ideal tow vehicle, whether it is for work or a weekend away. This car has awesome get up and go on the freeway , comfortable to drive and great fuel economy being a dedicated LPG engine . They've fitted springs to the airbox bolts so the plastic airbox doesn't split. Stiffened three-pin, leaf spring shackles, which control the position of the spring, are a key feature of the revised rear suspension, to deliver improved steering precision and handling balance. You can’t help but feel when behind the wheel of the XR8 that you’re riding the modern equivalent of the Woolly Mammoth: it’s immensely appealing, strong, and commands attention. If you’re in the market for an immensely strong performance car – one of a style unique to this country – the XR8 ute is worth a very close look. GPS-equipped Ford Falcons (Ford G Series)[14] can warn of traffic incidents via TMC.[15]. Economy is dependent on the sort of trips you do, using the freeway and even in stop start traffic, mine sits on about 13.2L/100km but it can sit on 15.7L/100km if I'm doing a lot of driving in built up areas. AGAINST: No side or curtain airbags, VE cabin foibles, ENGINE: 2.0-litre four-cylinder. Bought a FG MK2 EcoLPi Ute in 2012 - done 80k in it now. You can inflate the price further with sat nav, Bluetooth and iPod connectivity, bigger wheels, premium sound system and the many other optional luxuries. Interestingly though, it’s the performance at the rear that surprises most.

(But while I’ve never met a kilowatt that I didn’t think was a thoroughly decent bloke, I have to confess that there is something intrinsically more satisfying about the heavy bellow of a V8 on song than the whistle and whip-crack of the turbo.). I am so happy you love your new Falcon, as much as I love my new 2012 Falcon 4 cylinder (EcoBoost) a new Falcon sedan and ute is coming late this year and will be on production for 2 years, it's recei... ving big sheet metal changes and new tech and better fuel economy. In outright terms the XR8 isn't spectacularly well equipped, getting climate-control air, cruise control, trip computer, multi-function steering wheel, CD stereo and 17-inch alloys, but it's thoroughly competitive with other two-seat $40k sporties. Certain Falcon Ute models - Falcon Ute and R6 Cab Chassis - are fitted with one-tonne suspension as standard equipment, while it is available as an option on other models in the Ford FG Falcon Ute range - Falcon Ute and R6 Styleside Box, as well as XR6 Cab Chassis. The result, 290 kilowatts and 520Nm, is, in anyone’s language, a mountain of power. Ba xr8 ute engine problem - Ford Modifications Website. Ford claims significant gains in strength and durability for the blue-printed Boss unit. As of October 2009, FPV released a luxury F6-E model variant, which was equipped the same as a GT E but with an F6 engine. Sad to see them finish in 2016. With a huge shoe-box bed, topped in “our XR8” with a lift-up boot and chrome bars; and sitting fat and low on 245/35 R19 rubber and 19”X8” five-spoke alloys, this car looks the goods – it’s a magnet to younger blokes. Workhorse this ute has made me 500k + after five years of owing it and tows like a boss although I've just had to replace a motor a gear box. Up through the foothills and into the TMR ‘test-track’ territory —here, pressing hard on an open road, using that mountainous torque to spear from one apex to the next—out here the XR8 comes into its own.

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx (245/45 R17) on XR6 Turbo and XR8 Utes - this tyre has been specially developed with XR customers in mind utilising Dunlop's ultimate ultra-high performance Sport Maxx tyre, which offers a high level of ride, steering and handling along with accompanying improvements in NVH.

From July 2010 production all I6 engines (excluding E-Gas models) meet Euro 4 emission standards.

Probably 90% close to a sedan for cruising comfort. 270 kW/530 Nm, 14.0 L/100 km (a), 14.5 L/100 km (m), petrol, 333 g/km (a), 345 g CO2/km (m).

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