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halibut fishing setup

If you have any questions about any of this feel free to post them in the Outdoor Line Fishing Forums and either myself or one of the other saltwater anglers on the board will be happy to answer them.

This works perfectly for salmon heads, herring, etc. Trimming the salmon belly and the pelvic fin off both sides of the salmon (cut approx 1 inch wide strip off) will make for a deadly bait and you will happily exchange a 40lb halibut for a bit of fatty tasting salmon belly.

Reds, and whites are good colors. Spear the fish and allow it to remain outside the boat for a while. That giant hoochie skirt might just give you a few more minutes of bottom time. A solid hookup with a circle hook spreader bar rig will never come free. Be careful not to wrap the line around your hands though. We recommend circle hooks with approximately a 1.5″ gap for halibut fishing. The lobstermen know every rock out there. A good reel will be your best friend on the halibut grounds. Cheers. Be prepared with back up rigs. With the skirt in place all you need to do now is add another crimp at the end of the leader to form the loop that will be connected to the spreader bar. Apr 16, 2012 at

However if u can tolerate some input i think more people would appreciate see more pictures Use this to your, When you find them, work the area hard. A Scottsman’s style bouy that’s about the size of a basketball works fine for this.

Some great folks in that Anacortes PSA club. Nothing worth doing is easy. It’s no surprise that a sharp, smooth hook will penetrate and slide into a halibut’s jaw more easily than a rusty, dull hook. First take the leader and thread on the crimp. Octopus is ideal becuase it is a tough and rubbery texture that will not come off the hook. My reel of choice in Southeast Alaska is a Penn 340 GT level wind. Now thread on a bead. The majority of the time the hook will embed in the corner of the halibut’s mouth as it swims away against the pressure. Now you want to disengage the free-spool function on the reel, but, do not let it go down full speed in a race to beat your partner to the bottom, this is how you get a snarled leader. In 2012 and 2013 the BC fishing regulations have changed requiring all large halibut to be released. Thanks in adavance. For the method on how to weigh a halibut from a length table, refer to: For the method on how to fillet a halibut, refer to: Here are some very cool halibut fishing videos from Youtube that I think you will enjoy. Use a uni-knot to connect the two lines together while you’re spooling your reel. If you find that infact you are losing some fish then try sharpening the hook and also check if you are using too large salmon heads you might want to switch to belly strips or a more flexible bait. With halibut season just around the corner here’s a few rigging tips that have put a lot of halibut in my boats over the years. Watch the sounder constantly to dodge structure. Use your electronics to keep the bounceball rigs out of danger and monitor your location. It will never come off your hook. If your halibut is small enough then you can easily grab the spreader bar and the 200lb leader and lift the fish into the boat.

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