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you know . So, with a full tank and maximum fuel economy, you could travel 148 miles on a single fill-up. Honda slapped a good ol’ kickstart lever on the engine for a practical backup as well as some extra cool factor. That’s almost big enough for a small car, so it has a large contact patch but I doubt the flat tread will help the Mad Dog in the corners very much. . For that no-nonsense, bare-bones style, let’s go head-to-head with the PMZ50-19, the Mad Dog at the head of their Mad Dog series over at Ice Bear. The kit looks to include a new exhaust system, a new carburetor, a new high-flow air filter, and a larger fuel line. OK so it isn’t a grocery getter, but still probably a lot of fun for point-A to point-B action.”, “I like this zombie-apocolypse style and the Honda Ruckus has plenty of fans with rider clubs to attest to its popularity. Keep in mind, though, that this is a 49 cc engine. For a scooter, however, the difference between a 50 cc engine and a 150 cc engine is huge, so let’s stay in the 50 cc range. Mad Max. Storage, you ask? Powertrain design forces the kickstarter over to the left side which might feel a little weird to those already accustomed to a right-side kicker, but I’m sure you’d get used to that quickly, if you ever bother using it, that is. Need something practical to scoot around on once you’ve parked a bigger vehicle? You have been successfully subscribed to Honda Powersports email updates, © 2020 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.• Powersports Division, We use cookies to improve your experience on this site and show you personalized advertising. A complete lack of body panels leaves little to the imagination and makes the Honda Ruckus look like a de facto naked scooter. Seat height for the Ruckus is 29 inches and while seat height on a scooter doesn’t hold the same concern as the seat height on a motorcycle, 29 inches is low enough for just about everyone.

At its core is a rock-solid 49cc engine delivering plenty of get-up-and-go. At age 11 when bicycles were too simple to hold her interest any longer, her father found her taking apart the lawn mower.

How do I know? The Honda Ruckus with a liquid-cooled, four-cycle thumper engine. It has that same post-apocalyptic style that would appeal to a buyer looking at the Honda Ruckus. Engines are comparable at 49 cc, and 49.5 cc for the Honda Ruckus and Mad Dog, respectively. The fuel-efficient 49 cc, single-cylinder mill measures out a bit undersquare with a 37.8 mm bore and 44 mm stroke, and as usual with small-displacement engines it runs a moderately high compression ratio at 11.9 to 1. Make sure your tires are aired up properly, replace the sparkplug, make sure the belt isn’t worn. Bare bones — naked bike, anyone?

2021 Monkey OVERVIEW - Honda When the first Honda Monkey swung onto the scene in the 1960s, it was an instant hit. Interestingly, the Honda Grom shares an ancestry with the Honda Monkey lineup – a series of small-displacement, and curiously sized, Z-series motorcycles from the 1960s and 1970s. Both rides are rather spartan in their body cladding, and the exposed frame lend each of them a minimalist air.

124.9cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke. 2020 Ruckus OVERVIEW - Honda It’s often said that the simplest answer is the best one. But times change – and this Monkey has evolved. Drum brakes on both ends of the Ruckus tend to the braking action. One thing I definitely like on the Mad Dog is the hydraulic front brakes versus the all-around drums on its counterpart. Outside of that, there are aftermarket companies that offer some upgrades. All images featured on this website are copyrighted to their respective rightful owners. No infringement is intended. The rear monoshock springs off the swing-mount motor assembly to support the Honda Ruckus at the rear subframe, and it provides 2.6 inches of travel. In addition to the push-button starter, However, while the Honda Ruckus presents a typical, scooter-like profile with its vestigial leg fairing and step-through deck for the rider’s feet, the Mad Dog strikes a different tone with rider footpegs outboard of the frame and a pipe luggage rack in the step-through. The Ruckus’ frame is comprised of a cast-aluminum forward frame with a steel subframe in back to support the solo seat.

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