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hoosier a7 vs re71r

The rubber won’t last any longer, but you’ll be going faster while it does. VR-1 Vs. Old Rival-S: Does the larger 245mm VR-1 have what it takes to beat last year’s 225mm Rival-S, both on their optimal rim widths? The Setting: Harris Hill Raceway, found nestled in the hills south of Austin, Texas, is a typical club-type track with lots of runoff. I ran 265/35 18 on the track all last year without issue, 295/35/18 would be closest to the stock 20 inch 255/30/20, but that will require a 10.5 inch wide rim which will be very hard to fit (max recommended by 034 and others are 9.5). Old Rival-S Vs. New Rival-S: We back-to-back tested the 2015 Rival-S with the new version to evaluate any improvements.

949 Racing: 949racing.com, (949) 716-3111, wheels, BFGoodrich Tires: bfgoodrichtires.com, (877) 788-8899, tires, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations: bridgestonetire.com, (866) 775-6480, tires, Circuit of the Americas: circuitoftheamericas.com, (512) 301-6600, warmup track, Harris Hill Raceway: harrishillroad.com, (512) 667-6250, test track, Maxxis: maxxis.com, (800) 4-MAXXIS, tires. The revised Rival-S was more than a half-second quicker than the earlier release. As a result, all the lap times from day two were faster than the ones from day one–despite the narrower tires.

Good info! It was about a second slower than those first two, which puts it right at the same deficit we found last year with the other previous-generation tires, like the Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec and Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R. We did notice that the VR-1 in the 205mm size was simply too little tire on the nose of our high-powered CRX. The company has chosen to offer the model in some key sizes, including an uncommon 245/40R15. On both days, we’d use 205/50R15 tires in the rear mounted on 15×8-inch wheels. The A052 Advan just came out with 265/40/18, which is taller overall, but change would be less than 265/35/18. We believe that the aero disadvantage due to that extra inch of rim width was worth almost 4 mph and 0.7 second down the back straight. The earlier Rival-S is already at the front of the field for its time trial prowess, but these advances in the new version raise the bar yet another notch. Fantastic info once again! Tires: They are the one common element in all of motorsports. Plus, running full sessions would teach us about the tire’s consistency over the longer run. All tire and wheel sizes would be identical for this session: narrower 205/50R15 rubber on 15×8-inch rims. Next issue, we’ll hit the autocross course to find out how the new tires stack up in an environment where quick changes of direction and precise car placement reign supreme. Here’s a few examples of unwanted upshifts. If I remember correctly, stock 20” tires are 26.2” diameter, Hoosiers are 24.8”, stones are 25.6”. VR-1 on 10-Inch Rims Vs. Old Rival-S: Even mounted on optimal-sized rims, the VR-1 seemed to be no match for the old Rival-S, falling more than a second short of the baseline tire on the long, 2.5-minute lap. VR-1 Vs. Last Year’s Top Tires: Where did the VR-1 fit in? | Never miss an article. That being said, I've been seriously impressed at how they've held up, with bonus points for being good in the wet AND cold. No matter what the powerplant, drivetrain layout, brake setup or suspension design, those four rubber contact patches are what translate it all into motion on the track. Dry - 200TW Top Tier: Yokohama A052 > Bridgestone RE71R = BFG Rival S 1.5

Think of it as a fact-finding mission.

If the 2015 version had one flaw, it was numbness; drivers had to lead the Rival-S to the apex almost by guesswork. Lap times improved by 0.8 second. It can effect shifting as the transmission shifts based on wheel speed and not on engine rpm. | From the June 2016 issue VR-1 on 9-Inch Rims Vs. Old Rival-S: We then compared the same straightaway data for the VR-1 on the 9-inch wheels and found it had no such divergence.

Review the following categories to find the description of a tire type that best fits your needs.

While not our typical scientific test, this comparison would afford us a chance to get used to the new tire, explore its strengths and weaknesses, and gather some ballpark timing data.

Since 1984, Hoosier Tire has helped crown numerous circuit racing champions and that tradition continues today. If you wouldn't mind adding the following details: Were the same alignment numbers used for all for tire models? Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's vs Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R's. RE-71R Vs. Old Rival-S: The short answer is that nothing really changed in the pecking order from last year. A tcu tune would probably sort you out there. On Sunday, we’d put them on 15×10s to compare. I'd also be interested to see how that new Nexen N'Fera SUR4 performs. It also allows our front-drive CRX to better put down power out of corners. Perhaps the big 245mm VR-1 would stand a better chance on shorter tracks? The only other tires offered in this size are R-comps: the Hoosier A7/R7 and Maxxis Victra RC-1.

275/35/18 is also a good choice but A052 doesn't come in that size, only RE71. The problem with our stock calipers is heat build up and retention. Thanks!

Not surprisingly, the two standouts in our test–the BFGoodrich g-Force Rival-S and Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R–went on to dominate the pointy end of the field throughout the year at SCCA Solo, Optima Ultimate Street Car Association, and Goodguys AutoCross events. It turned in crisply, offered good grip, and provided audible feedback as we approached the limits of adhesion. That track was the relatively fast and challenging Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, and both weekends saw ambient temps in the 70s and partly cloudy skies. Digging deeper, the datalogger confirmed the big time differential in sustained sweepers.

So how did I end up with (nearly) fresh Sport Cup 2's? I ran 255/35R18 Hoosier A7 and 275/35R18 Bridgestone RE71R last year. Then we could start comparing some tires. Racers were forced to choose either outright speed or longevity based on their specific event and price point. Porsche use something similar on GT3’s. How can you make a tire faster? The Setting: An earlier start time gave us cooler temps, while Harris Hill’s track surface was a bit cleaner and stickier. Hopefully there isn't any huge shake up at the top in the AX portion of the test, I just ordered a replacement set of RE71Rs. The Plan: This time, we wanted to do a strict comparison of the Maxxis Victra VR-1 against the two standouts of last year’s test: the earlier BFGoodrich g-Force Rival-S and its formidable competitor, the Bridgestone RE-71R. I’ve heard of people having trouble in manual mode and not holding a gear.

On Saturday, we’d mount the 245/40R15 size on 15×9-inch 949 Racing wheels. Personally I use the S mode on track which does a very good job and probably the quickest way around.

Does that mean tire technology has hit a wall?

Add in some initial dirty spots from recent rain runoff, and we had to do some interpolating when analyzing this data.

All Contents © Hoosier 2020. Sub-140TW, the Hoosier A7 is the droid you are looking for. BFGoodrich recently took this route when it tweaked the internal construction of its smaller Rival-S sizes. There, we would debut the new 245mm Maxxis Victra VR-1 and try it out on different wheels. Those seem to have better clearance than the OEM calipers. All rights reserved. The only other tires offered in this size are R-comps: the Hoosier A7/R7 and Maxxis Victra RC-1. 2018 TT RS Nardo grey, MSS Track pack, Vagbremtechnic/AP Racing rotors, AP Racing CP9660 calipers, Ferodo DS 1:11 and DS 3:12 pads, Audi Sport RS3 brake cooling ducts, Odyssey 925 battery, rear seat delete, Sparco QRT seats, APR Intercooler, 034 fixed camber plates, 034 front subframe deadest kit, 034 rear subframe mount inserts, Nuespeed RSe11r 18x9.5 45 offset with Nankang AR1 265x35 (Track). The Hoosier Pro Street Radial is the only true steel-belted radial tire for the Pro Street and Hot Rod enthusiast. Tires & Wheels I did put a rubber pad under the throttle pedal to stop actuation of the kickdown as that can be very intrusive with gear selection. The Audi Sport parts for the TTRS are probably much the same. The improved steering response felt more natural and linear, inspiring confidence on corner entry despite the track’s bumpy surface. Another way to go faster is to go bigger. In this case, the update only affects the Rival-S sizes with a three-rib tread pattern. With the 2016 version, the compound, tread design and belt materials remain the same, but BFGoodrich has modified the way the package is put together. I'm giving the 275/35-18 RE71R a try this year. This sort of running change to a tire model is fairly common in the industry, and it usually happens without any knowledge on the end consumer’s part. About the only place these tires failed to make a huge dent was low-budget endurance racing, where they simply couldn’t last long enough to be effective.

On the 4 different circuits I visited last year there are very few corners where I’d choose a different gear than the S mode had selected; it really is better than I expected to be honest.

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