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kentucky fish and wildlife auction 2020

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife presents a webinar on E-Scouting, or digital scouting, for deer hunting. If you are required to have a hunter education card to hunt in Kentucky, you will still be required to do so. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife presents a webinar on E-Scouting, or digital scouting, for deer hunting. Rifle event with different courses of fire from sitting, standing and prone positions. Let’s get out and enjoy them today, and safely. Compliance with current guidance about mass gatherings and proper social distancing is essential. The indoor facilities of the department-owned, Kentucky State Parks returned to normal operating hours on June 1st. The spring auction, originally scheduled for May 4, will be combined with the fall auction on Oct. 26. Sponsored by the Northern KY Straight Shooters Association. Are Hunter Education classes and range days still open for participants? Categories: Educational / Workshops / Seminars , Conservation Organizations / Sportsman Clubs, Hunting Events (not Hunter Education), Field To Fork. An Official Website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Will coronavirus affect wildlife populations? Auction Terms and Conditions. Sponsored by the Northern KY Straight Shooters Association.

We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. To follow the reopening plan for Kentucky, visit the Kentucky Healthy at Work page developed by the state. Is the department considering opening up hunting seasons early, or changing bag or daily catch limits? Take your family outdoors for a hike, to go fishing, or to go turkey hunting. Surplus auction items include tools, outboard motors up to 300 horsepower, boats including 24-foot Boston whalers, cars, four-wheel-drive trucks and more. Try changing the Month/Year, Location, or the Category. However, there will be significant changes in how hunting areas are determined. Some boat ramps operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may be closed. Boat anglers: Allow enough room on the boat to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. No. Dates: 11/07/2020, 11/08/2020, 12/05/2020, 12/06/2020. Dates: 03/14/2020, 05/25/2020, 07/04/2020, 09/07/2020, 10/31/2020, 11/27/2020. © 2014 Commonwealth of Kentucky All rights reserved. Please check by visiting Corps websites: Hours are 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Tuesday – Saturday, to allow for additional cleaning and sanitation. This Auction is being performed on behalf of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Once it expires, hunters are no longer exempt and must successfully complete a hunter education course. Effective August 27, 2020, the hunter education exemption is FREE for a limited time. We encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the outdoors. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has partnered with Hunters for the Hungry to target hunger in the Commonwealth.

Sponsored by the Northern Kentucky Straight Shooters Association. Each has been provided hand sanitizer, gloves and an N95 mask.

Sharing and Usage Rifle/Pistol Range open for target shooting.

Walk-ins are not permitted in order to stay under the campground capacity. It ends on Tuesday, July 28th at 8:00pm, get your bids in soon! Open-air sites, such as public lands and streams and wildlife management areas remain open. Visitors to campers are limited to two individuals at a time. Is the department waiving the requirements for hunter education because of canceled classes? The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife presents a webinar on E-Scouting, or digital scouting, for deer hunting.

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