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It’s more credible in 2020 than its predecessor ever was, however. Not all 4WDs give you that confidence, but Land Rovers are special. While GM and Ford are largely shining the spotlight on technology, the Dodge range is the last bastion of V8 power, retro style and pre-downsizing dimensions. ‘The best 4x4 by far’, indeed.

In our current era of ‘lifestyle marketing’ it’s no great surprise to see that Nissan’s most famous line has been buried deep in the advertising scrapheap. Disappointed with its underwhelming US slogan at the time – ‘The Sportsman’s Car’ - he wanted a better way to establish the brand in the minds of the US consumer, and worked with advertising agency Ammirati & Puris to decide on a new slogan to establish BMW cars as the keen driver’s choice.

The slogan was introduced for the 1986 model year, when Chevrolet – like all of its American rivals – watched its market share erode as buyers increasingly turned towards Japanese cars. Not all 4WDs give you that confidence, but Land Rovers are special. Owing to their... BeNextBrand – Creative Branding Blog with Modern Stratgies, List of 22+ Best Land Rover Brand Slogans, 11 Different Types of Branding to Know About Today, 6 Great Branding Techniques to Outshine Others, 4 Strategies to Build a Successful Global Brand, 20 Tips to Conceptualizing Archetype for the Right Audience, 16 Essential Branding Tips for New Startups Business, 26 Tips to Build Brand Strategies For Startups, The Perfect Guide for Successful Startup Branding, 22 Ultimate Branding Checklist Before Startup Launch, Top 45 Shoe Brands to follow on Social Media, Top 51 Hair Salon Brands to Follow On Social Media, Top 41 Beauty Salons to follow on Social Media, Top 42 Cake Brands to Follow on Social Media, Top 42+ Bakery Brands to follow on Social Media, 20 Tips to Build Casino Brand from a Scratch, 22 Tips to Build a Stationery Brand from a Scratch, 21 Tips to Build A Shampoo Brand from a Scratch, 22 Tips to Build Sofa Brand from a Scratch, 19+ Tips to Build Denim Brand from a Scratch, Top 12 Proven Tips to Build Your Coffee Brand, 18 Tips to Build a Perfume Brand from scratch, List of 41+ Best Barbeque Nation Brand Slogans, Top 41 Fashion Brands to Follow on Social Media, List of 55+ Best Harley Davidson Brand Slogans, Berkshire Hathaway – History, Brand Value and Brand Strategy, List of 27+ Top Coffee Maker Brands in the World, 16 Tips to Build Bakery Brand from Scratch, Top 29+ Best Crockery Brands in the World, 10 Ways to Find Creative Logo Inspiration for Next Logo Project, Top 41 T-Shirt Brands to Follow on Social Media, 251+ Air Freshener Captions for Social Media, 9 Types of Logos and How You Should Consider, 10 Modern Logo Design Trends You Should know in 2020, 12 Tips How To Use Animal Symbolism in your Logo.

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