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Marketed by the company as ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) the most noticeable internal difference of strengthening was the cross-bracing behind the cab. This vehicle runs and drives extremely well with plenty of power through all gears. In addition to this, each vehicle has had full updated roll over protection including an additional external roll bar fitted.

The project included front seating, rear seating and anti-vibration acoustic matting. Land Rover Monthly (LRM)

Certains modèles, équipements ou finitions figurant dans le configurateur et le site landrover.fr peuvent ne pas ou ne plus être disponibles, en raison notamment de contraintes de production.

Oops! To provide roll-over protection to cabs of these newer vehicles, under Project REMUS an internal Front Roll Over Protection System (FROPS) cage was added from around 2010; DSG, the former ABRO, undertook this work also. Cape Verde

This particular Defender has been upgraded and is being sold some three to four years since the modifications.

Norway Tanzania, United Republic Of United Arab Emirates


Vatican City State Content is not available without Javascript, LA POLITIQUE DE CONFIDENTIALITÉ INCONTROL, DONNÉES EUROPÉENNES SUR LES ÉMISSIONS DES VÉHICULES, NOTRE GAMME DE SUV HYBRIDES, ESSENCE OU DIESEL EURO 6. Kuwait This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. With our convenient location at 1525 N Greenwich Rd, Wichita, KS, 67206, Land Rover Wichita is easy to get to from Wellington, Lawrence and Manhattan, as well as points farther south in Oklahoma. Pour obtenir des informations précises et actualisées, nous vous invitons à contacter le concessionnaire Land Rover de votre choix. Nicaragua

Syrian Arab Republic Niue Although in 2007 it was said that the best 3,700 pre-Wolf Land Rovers would be upgraded under TITHONUS and the remainder would be cast, as late as January 2011 I spotted unmodified vehicles on Exercise PASHTUN DAGGER on Salisbury Plain. Auction News

A brief history: The Defender first entered UK military service in 1985, in both long and short wheelbase forms. Liechtenstein


Jordan Chile

*In Greek mythology Tithonus was a Trojan prince, lover of the goddess Eos who asked Zeus to grant him immortality… but forgot to ask for him to also be granted eternal youth. The name Tithonus comes from Greek mythology where, Zeus granted Tithonus immortality.

Anguilla Costa Rica It was therefore decided that around £10 million would be spent on cosmetically sprucing up the best 3,700 or so of the remaining pre-Wolf Land Rover fleet to theoretically extend in-service life to over thirty years. Finland Fiji Norfolk Island

Serbia TITHONUS was a means of temporarily solving these issues without buying a fleet of new vehicles. ATLANTIC RESOLVE 7 ~ 1 ABCT of 1st Cavalry Division, Royal Australian Navy and Singapore Air Force Cooperation, New UK Strategy Focus On Science And Technology, UK and Qatar ~ Stronger Defence Relationship, NATO Rapidly Deployable Mobile C-RAM Capability, First Russian S-400 Triumph Launch In Astrakhan Region, ORIENT SHIELD 21 ~ US Army and Marines HIMARS, UK Mali Contingent MRX With Slingshot, T7 UGV and D40 Drone, KFOR 28 MRX ~ Kosovo Mission Rehearsal Exercise, FURIOUS AXE 1 ~ NATO eFP BG EST In Latvia, DEF20 Phase II ~ Polish Armour On Bucierz Range, 70 Years Of Russian Special Forces ~ Official History, Arnold Defense FLETCHER Ordered By USSOCOM, Upgraded NH90 TTH For French Special Forces, MLR40 ~ Otokar and Demonstrator Defender 90 Gunships, ALTBERG Military Ops Boots ~ In The Field, Elliot Brown Holton Professional Issue Watch, BCB Ration Heating Kits Production Line Launched, FR59 ~ Dutch Combat Ration Breakfast and Lunch of 2017, FR58 ~ Dutch Commercial Components Ration c2014, TOBRUQ LEGACY 20 ~ Ground-Based Air Defence Exercise, CORDURA NYCO Goes Into Service With RM Commandos, US Marine Corps Tropical Combat Uniforms Award, LYNCEA ~ NEXEYA France Integrates NATO Link 22, Rohde und Schwarz Comms Supporting Guardia di Finanza, FCMS Consortium ~ Setting Course For The Future.

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