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levi's 505 vs 501

Levi Strauss came to the United States from Bavaria in 1847. But, because the design and fit varies among the two, the 501s are made of 99% Cotton and 1% Elastane, which gives it a slight amount of stretch for a more comfortable wear. There is a slight difference, however, because the 501 fits looser on the thighs than the 505. We have picked two different fits, to compare to each other and see where their differences lie, the Levi’s 501 and the 505 jeans. When Levi Strauss invented the first blue jeans, they were double-stitched for strength but still not quite strong enough at the stress points for miners. The fit: Probably the second most iconic pair of jeans from the brand, the straight leg of the 505 resembles the that of the 501, with a little extra room in the leg.

505 Regular. Even though they’re technically a considered a straight leg, they are super wide with an 18.5-inch leg opening.

The 505 line has all the varieties of the 501 line of jeans, including the five-pocket standard, except for the button-fly front.

How Dangerous Is Flying in the Pandemic? The 527 Slim Bootcut is slimmer in the seat and thigh (as the name would suggest) then ever-so-slightly opens up to a wider leg at the ankle, without being too dramatic or resembling bell bottoms. Here is a glance at the 501 versus 550 pants beneath the knee: Here is a glance at me wearing both the 501 and the 550 pants. This website also participates in an affiliate program with SOVRN (VigLink). It is sort of a hybrid between 501 … Here is a glance at my 501 pants sitting on my 550 pants: As should be obvious, indeed, the 550 legs are more extensive, however, the leg opening itself is a similar size.

Expect the 501 jeans to show a bit more shape through the hips and thighs than the 505 jeans.

If you’re looking for something to accentuate the features you’ve worked so hard for, without feeling like you’re wrapped in plastic wrap, the 541s are your huckleberry.

Again, the difference in fit is going to be above the knee, not below it. Today we will focus specifically on Levi’s jeans, to get a better understating of what the numbers mean when it comes to design and fit. The fit: As the name would suggest, the 531s are ideal for those who have an athletic build, outfitted with extra room in the seat and thigh area. In the event that you are looking for Levi men’s pants, rapidly, this is what you have to think about a portion of their most well-known styles: In this post, we are going to concentrate explicitly on looking at the 501 versus 550 Levi pants utilizing genuine photographs.

The check price links in the table above are affiliate links to Amazon (info). The fit: Probably the second most iconic pair of jeans from the brand, the straight leg of the 505 resembles the that of the 501, with a little extra room in the leg.They sit slightly … Here are my 501 jeans sitting on top of my 505 jeans, and as you can see, the leg opening is the same size: The takeaway from this is, again, you can expect the straight fit below the knee on these jeans to be basically the same. Product images, if not otherwise specified, come from Pinterest.com or are created by us. Therefore, you do not have to memorize much (or at all, if we are being honest). The fit: The 502 Taper offers more of a regular fit through the seat and thigh as opposed to the slimmer cut of the 512, but it still narrows at the ankle. Levi's 501 and 505 jeans were the originals.

As far as I can tell, both the 501 and 550 pants have a consistent with size fit, which means the midsection and the length was what I anticipated. That is, until the 1870s, after one of the company’s frequent customers sent a proposal to Levi Strauss himself offering to go into business together manufacturing tough, quality overalls and jeans. If you’re not into the low rise craze, the 550 Relaxed Fits are meant to be loose and relaxed with a relaxed seat and thigh, but also feature a slight taper down toward the ends, which makes them ideal for use with sneakers, trainers, and even **shudders** sandals, if that’s your thing. Best For: Iggy Pop and literally nobody else. They feature a roomier thigh like a regular 501/505, but with a modern tapered leg for a more …

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. To learn how we use your data when you comment, read our Privacy Policy. We're Emy and Manu, two italian girls passionate about all things fashion. In this article we compare Levi’s 501 vs 505 men's jeans.

If you are debating 501 vs 514, you will also want to consider 505. In short, the numbers represent fit, meaning that they are a ‘code’, per se, that indicate a particular fit, be it in men’s or women’s designs. The 505s are also available in the indigo shades, but because they are made to fit more snuggly, which also makes them more suitable for curvy women, the highlights are minimal in most of the styles, while very evident in some of the vintage ones.

The 501 jeans design was not a fashion piece when it was originally created.

Where it does align with the 511 is that it sacrifices zero comfort with its snugger fit. The 501 jeans are for those who want a jean that shows some shape, but don’t want slim or skinny jeans. David Stevenson/Demand Media . If you are interested in straight fit Levi jeans, you should consider these options: ***this post contains affiliate links (info). A newer addition to the Levi’s lineup, the 510s are skinny fit jeans that are purposefully left leaner, meaner, and with as little leg opening space as possible. Get InsideHook in your inbox.

They sit slightly lower on the waist than the 501s and opt for a zip-fly instead of button. Levi’s 550 Relaxed Fit jeans are probably some of the most comfortable pieces of denim you can lay on your butt. 10 Best Water Resistant Hoodies for Work (Rain Repellent). Levi’s is the denim brand of the Levi Strauss & Co. company, which was founded by Levi Strauss in 1853 in San Francisco, California. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Difference Between Red Tag & Orange Tag Levi's, How to Measure Jeans' Rise, Inseam & Waist.

The 505 jeans fit looser through the thighs than the 501 jeans. In fact, it’s narrow the whole way through, from the thigh through the leg opening. Thanks!

505s are made of pre-shrunk denim and have a zipper fly.

Francine Adams has written for the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals and Data Management International since 2006. What is the difference between the Levi’s 501 and 505? Best For: Fashion-forward men unwilling to sacrifice comfort. Jeans come in all shapes and sizes, in numerous designs, colors, washes and cuts.

Consider it the perfect pair of jeans for wanting to look put together and stylish yet keeping it understated. Another staple of the Levi’s family, 505s were first released in 1967 in the midst of a cultural revolution in the U.S. and elsewhere.

They feature a roomier thigh like a regular 501/505, but with a modern tapered leg for a more casual, modern look. Paul is a lead content creator for Workwear Command. What Your Politics Say (Or Don’t Say) About Your Sexual Preferences.

One of the major differences in these jeans (there are several) is the fit in the thighs.

They are both jeans and denim, which is cotton in its composition, is the base material used in both. The fit: Maybe you’re working with a little extra junk in your trunk (nothing wrong with that) but still desire a slim jean that will work with your muscular or thicc build. My 501 and 550 pants have a similar size leg opening (around 16 inches).

It began with the 501, the first jean crafted by Levi Strauss and the pair that would propel him to become the most ubiquitous name in denim. The 501 is the original model of the jeans and is still very popular today, which is why there are also many counterfeits on the market. All rights reserved. Again, you can expect these jeans to fit true-to-size. But, the 16-inch leg opening still makes them practical and stylish.

But it is also fair to point out that although the 505 jeans have a looser fit than the 501 jeans, they (505) don’t fit extremely baggy. Another creatively titled addition to the family, the 560 Comfort Fits are literally just that—loose fitting, mid rise, and a slight (and completely unobtrusive) taper below the knee to give them some form and make these jeans one of the most comfortable of the Levi’s family. Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, InsideHook may earn a small share of the profits. Here’s a complete guide to Levi’s numbers: The original jeans that started it all, the Levi’s 501s were specifically designed and released in the 1890s for hard-working men who needed clothing that could take a beating and stand up to the toughest work environments. If you can’t seem to let the ’90s go, you can at the very least relive them through your denim. This is my favorite color for the 505 jeans. Even if boot cuts aren’t necessarily your style, every man should own at least one pair of 527s because they’re incredibly comfortable and go with everything from sneakers to cowboy boots. Once more, by and large, you can anticipate that the 550 pants should have a roomier cut than the 501 pants, particularly through the thighs and hips. These are two of the most iconic styles of Levi’s jeans. Now, why are the numbers used in the first place? The 505, on the other hand, has a zip fly. They feature the standard boot cut leg opening, but with a slim seat and thigh, which gives them a modern look and feel while maintaining the classic comfort of a solid boot cut. It may seem a tad difficult to keep track of all the numbers and what they mean, but attached photos and, unsurprisingly, the description of how they fit, are all part of online listing and labeling for these jeans.

Here Are 12 of Our Favorites. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Another new style from Levi’s, the 513 Slim Straight Fit is exactly what it promises to be—a mid-rise design that sits just below the waist and features a slim seat and thigh, but still promises comfort and on-trend modern style.

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