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Required fields are marked *. Welcome to the unofficial Loomian Legacy fan subreddit! Loomians with the ability Confidence are immune to flinching. RoCitizens •

The corresponding stat is used for damage calculation according to the Attack Category. Loomian Legacy •

As many Loomians have a substantial difference between their Melee and Ranged Defense, trainers should try to use moves which take advantage of their opponent's weakest stat.

Players without it can get a rough idea using the radar chart in the Overview screen using the Loomians LoomiWatch app. Blood Drain, in addition to its initial effect, drains the target's health each turn. But compared with Snocub, the other ranger has more speed and less health, Eaglit evolutions: Torprey al level 18 and Falkyrie at level 34, If you want to check Eaglit’s attacks, evolution line and more, go to Eaglit‘s guide. Attack influences the damage a Loomian deals when it uses a move. Tower Defense Simulator • Base stats are the same for all Loomians of the same species and are the main factor in how a Loomian's stats increase as the Loomian levels up. Déjà Vu forces the afflicted Loomian to use the same move it used the previous turn for three turns. Volatile ailments are ailments that a Loomian is cured of after battle or when switching out. Loomian Legacy Rabburn – Stats. Power Siphon, in addition to its initial effect, drains the target's energy each turn. Islands • If its HP is reduced to half or below, the bar turns yellow; once it is further decreased to 1/5 or below, it turns red. Attack influences the damage a Loomian deals when it uses a move. And to finish, a gameplay of Fevine, from the youtuber Armenti: Your email address will not be published. Flicker •

A Loomian already affected by a non-volatile ailment cannot receive a new one. Plant-type Loomians are unaffected by this ailment. My Restaurant • For example, Singe is a Ranged move; hence, it uses the Loomian's Ranged Attack for calculation, whereas Pounce, being a Melee move, calculates using the Loomian's Melee Attack. It is impossible to change a Loomian's base stats, though Loomians evolving into a different species will adopt the base stats of its new form (which can result in stats going up or down, depending on the new base stats). This is a wiki where anyone can contribute to this community and add to the growing source of information about the game. Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 • Dragon Ball Online Generations • FIFA 21 Best CDM – Center Defensive Midfielders, FIFA 21 Best CAM – Center Attacking Midfielders, Long Live the Princess Walkthrough & Guide, Resist against: Water, Plant, Earth, Electric, and also Light type loomians, Weak against: Fire, Ice, Dark, Bug, and also Toxic type loomians, Strong against: Water and also Earth type loomians, Weak against: Fire, Plant, Toxic, and also Ancient type loomians. In battle, energy represents the stamina of a Loomian and determines what moves a Loomian can use during a battle. This Game Pass enables you to view your Loomians' stats in much more detail.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. List of Loomians by base experience and TP yield, https://loomian-legacy.fandom.com/wiki/Loomian_Statistic?oldid=117486. Loomian Legacy Damage Calculator. Loomian Legacy is an upcoming game on ROBLOX … Loomian Legacy Fevine – Stats. Ro-Ghoul • The effect stops when the user is withdrawn or knocked out. Loomian Legacy Damage Calculator. But also has good stats in health and Melee defense, Dripple evolutions: Reptide al level 18 and Luminami at level 34, If you want to check Dripple’s attacks, evolution line and more, go to Dripple‘s guide. Select One To Show Detailed Results. It is split into Melee Attack and Ranged Attack. Quicksand, in addition to its initial effect, damages the target for multiple turns. Fire-type Loomians are unaffected by this ailment. Energy determines the maximum amount of energy a Loomian can have in battle. 4.2k members in the LoomianLegacy community. Blizzard 65-75%. Hunder is a Metal-type and Electric-type Loomian introduced in Loomian Legacy - Veils of Shadow. Ice-type Loomians are unaffected by this ailment. Dungeon Quest • Monster Islands • Its priority is the same as the move it tried to use. The game revolves around Loomians which are unique, fictional, animal-like creatures that have their own speciality.

Vambat is a Dark type starter Loomian, and these are its stats: Health: 47, Mele Atk: 47, Mele Def: 50, Energy: 51, Ranged Atk: 47, Ranged Def: 50 and finally Speed: 69, So, Vambat is basically a Fast Lomian, has a great speed. Burns reduce a Loomian's melee attack power by half and deals 1/16th of a Loomian's maximum health each turn. For more Loomian Legacy guides, you can also check: Your email address will not be published. This is created to document information and discuss the Loomian Legacy game series.

Toxic-type Loomians are unaffected by this ailment. Welcome to the Loomian Legacy Starters Guide, where we will provide you the strengths and weaknesses of all the starters.

Rumble Quest • Eight Training Points are equivalent to a single base stat in calculations. The Most Cheerful Citizens in Loomian Legacy. Crown Academy •

Blox Cards • Training Points range from 0 to 200, and Loomians gain Training Points separately in each stat.

Piggy • In battle, Loomians make actions in order of their Speed, unless a Loomian uses a move with a higher priority (such as Quick Pounce), or makes an action that is not a move, such as resting, switching out or using an item. Embit has 6 known attacks, so here we give you all the details: You can check all the Type Effectiveness in the Type Effectiveness guide. Yar • Eaglit is a Light type starter Loomian, and these are its stats: Health: 45, Mele Atk: 36, Mele Def: 33, Energy: 51, Ranged Atk: 79, Ranged Def: 57 and finally Speed: 60, So, Eaglit is like a Ranger Lomian, with the best ranged attack stats. In the Loomian Legacy Fevine Guide we provide you all the information about one of the starter Loomians you can choose and evolve. Non-volatile ailments are ailments that a Loomian keeps outside of battle and while switched out. Loomians can be affected by multiple volatile ailments at the same time. Loomian Legacy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. There is no icon indicator for being affected by this kind of ailment. Boss Fighting Stages Rebirth •

Mud Buck 53-34%. Eaglit has also good ranged def and speed stats. Stat modifiers are temporary and will vanish when the Loomian is switched out or the battle ends. This video is about HOW TO RESET A LOOMIAN'S Training Points in Loomian Legacy!

Black Magic II • Is the Guardian Spirit of Gale Forest and Chesma Town, and these are the base stats of Duskit: Health: 74 Ice Cream Simulator • In a situation where multiple Loomians have the same speed and move priority, the order of which goes first will be randomized. This is created to document information and discuss the Loomian Legacy game series. Some moves may change a stat by more than one stage, and the number of stages a move alters causes different messages to be displayed. Snocub is a Ice type starter Loomian, and these are its stats: Health: 55, Mele Atk: 45, Mele Def: 38, Energy: 51, Ranged Atk: 67, Ranged Def: 60 and finally Speed: 45, So, Snocub is basically a Ranger Lomian, like Eaglit. As the opposite of Attack stats, Defense influences the damage a Loomian takes when it is hit by a move. The base stats of a Loomian can roughly be seen on the radar chart in the Loomians LoomiWatch app as the solid shape in the middle of the chart. Mining Simulator • When affected by a non-volatile ailment, a Loomian has an icon displaying which ailment it is. Survive and Kill The Killers in Area 51 •

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