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And my part was being shot in Israel. Early life, family and education. I mean, seriously, you owned the 1980s and 90s. I had never seen the show.

How do you explain the staying power? Change ). I sat with prosecutors from the DA’s office and watched actual tapes of some trials involving those cases, and I had trouble sleeping for a while.

Anyway, I spent about five weeks with Brian doing the Circus show, rehearsing and just hanging out. Or was it just one of many gigs? Shockwaves are cursing through the south at this very moment.

Rebecca was one of the brightest, sweetest people I’ve ever known, anywhere. Definitely not just another gig. You want to be different than your sibling, and you develop a personality that kind of says, “Hey, look at me!” At least I think that’s what I did. You’re gonna do a lot in this business. St. Elmo’s Fire. M.L. Matthew Laurance (born Matthew Dycoff) is an American film and television actor[1] and comedian. • Five reasons one should make the south shore of Long Island his/her next vacation destination? Special. My senior year at Tufts, I went to take my law boards at Harvard. There was a lot of jealousy and backstabbing by certain people.

Hell, here’s a quick and random listing: Beverly Hills, 90210, Matlock, thirtysomething, Eddie and the Cruisers, My Sister Sam … on and on and on. And did you ever have an enormous one that ran away from you? “Why don’t you go in to the trailer over there,” he said. Throughout the 1980s and ’90s, Matthew appeared in, oh, every movie and TV show you can imagine. I’m always riveted by sequels, especially sequels of big, iconic period films. It was both a great year and very difficult at the same time. He fathered David Silver on 90210. My dad was very poor growing up, and never wanted to worry about us. Although I think the great films all have that potential from the start.

And I wonder if that’s by your choice, or just what happens when actors age? Pam and I worked on Do You Know the Muffin Man?—which I’ll discuss later.

Still do. Carlesimo at that tournament, and we were with his friends Jim Boeheim, and Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski.

My agent said, “Let’s ask for a lot of money.” I said “Yippee!”. If you weren’t brought up to respect people and be kind to others, the more people give you, the bigger your ego gets. [3] He also appeared on television in thirtysomething. Fox was still fairly new, there were still parts of the country that weren’t really able to get Fox yet.

Did you want to? and when I finished getting my makeup on, the assistant director told me it would be a while. Ridiculous. Doing construction. great job, Jeff. There are a few reasons this might happen: To request an unblock, please fill out the form below and we will review it as soon as possible. Matthew Laurance is a name you might know, or a name you might not know.

We replaced the most popular cast in the world. And a golf show, of course. One of the best people in the business. I remember watching it and thinking, “Uh oh, this sucks, please be gone quickly.” So much of the finished product is the editing, music—all post production things you have no control over. And the WNBA? Do you at all regret that? J.P.: Serious question—how do you explain so many actors having such huge egos? Must’ve been all the help I gave him in the Pro-Am. Being on that set was hard.

I wasn’t married, no family, so I just threw my trust in K into the car and went for it. I had been there before, had friends there, but this was a dream—they would be paying me to go. But why acting? He played guitar in Eddie and the Cruisers. I asked her to put the word out that I wanted to do sports, and she said, “Can you make me a tape of you talking about the Shock?

Underwhelmed, to say the least. I’m picturing craziness, drugs, wildness, drinking, etc. : Beautiful beaches, great food (pizza), close to New York City, great golf courses, the Long Island Railroad. I love “On the Darkside” so much. Willie Upshaw. And the bigger you get, the nicer you should be to everyone.”. : That was the toughest role for me. When my agent called and said they wanted to meet me to play one of the kids’ dad I said, “No way.” I thought it was pretty bad. Maurice Sendak—I have an autographed copy of “Where the Wild Things Are.” Christian Laettner. I would send them scripts, and call them and tell them what was going to happen on shows so they had the jump on their friends.

• Three memories from your role of Assistant D.A.

M.L. All good so far.

They were sitting on my desk at school. Eddie & the Cruisers 2 came out when I was 11. But I miss the creative part of it. Do you recall anything from the experience?

He said, “You should be doing sports. The company's filing status is listed as A - Active and its File Number is 1039141. Check Reputation Score for Shannon Laurance in Lexington, KY - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Emails & Phone Number | Personal Review | Income & Net Worth Elmo’s Fire, Eddie and the Cruisers (Sal is the favorite character of my career), Prince of the City.

Matthew Laurance is a name you might know, or a name you might not know.

The transition! I know every line from both—I’m not kidding. He enjoyed the highs of Hollywood (fame, big pay) and the lows of Hollywood (egos, idiots, aging). ( Log Out /  about child molestation.

Then perfect casting, photography, production design, great director. They changed regimes again and that was that. Enjoyed it! And then Curly, the lead in Oklahoma, in ninth grade. “Andy Griffith was not a nice man” – really? Connelly in Matlock? We loved it so much we probably rented it 15 times.

When I got to Durham, he told me he wanted me to do radio for the basketball team, but in a way that hadn’t been done before. Kept doing plays through high school, and at Tufts. One of them was Jerry Orbach, a legend to all of us who grew up in New York.

Jerry was the nicest, funniest man in the world. When I said no, he asked when I planned on sending them. Nicki Minaj. They save no lives, they win no legal cases.

[2] He has an identical twin brother, Mitchell (born four minutes earlier), who is also a professional actor.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. My first day ever on a movie set, I arrived early (we were shooting in Great Neck!) And here I am. So why the ego? I sat next to Mike all night, and we talked about acting and the business. He said it would give the fans a greater perspective. I replied, “Never. Worst—hands down, Best Defense. In 1989 you reprised your role of Sal Amato in Eddie in the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! ( Log Out /  “Hey @BarbasolChampKY look who just got his PGA tour card! [1] He also had a role in Streets of Fire,[1] as one of the two Ardmore police officers who enter the bus Tom Cody (Michael Paré) was on, making this the third film he appeared in with Paré. The movie had Eddie and one of my idols, Dudley Moore, as the stars. The whole premise is that this huge rock star is hiding from the world. In the early 1990s, I went out to dinner with my good friend P.J. J.P.: Back in the 1980s Eddie Murphy was gold, gold, gold. [4], From 1991 through 2000, he performed the recurring role of Mel Silver, father of David Silver and Erin Silver on Beverly Hills, 90210. Everywhere, by everybody.

Had guest starred on a ton of great sitcoms. As I sat looking at people whose life seemingly depended on that test, I realized I was doing it for my father. Just amazing.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

You know as much as any of them, you’ve been on camera for years, you’d be great.”, I went back to LA, and thought about what he’d said. : Unfortunately, not really. Check Reputation Score for Rui Fu in Lexington, KY - View Criminal & Court Records | Photos | Address, Email & Phone Number | Personal Review | Income & Net Worth I decided to go for it. Lived the life of a star without ever thinking of himself as a star. I have people say to me that I could work now if I wanted to. : Hmmm.

• Five greatest actors of your lifetime: Brando, John Cazale, James Spader, Daniel Day Lewis, Henry Fonda. She was a year behind me and Mitchy. The summer before I started, they showed new episodes while everyone else was in re-runs. It was just always understood—law school, med school. I’d get some coffee and just sit by myself on a tank and think, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now.”, When you read a script, most of the time you have a feeling about it. MATTHEW LAURANCE: I was working on my series Duet for Fox. They were all so talented, and treated me as if I were a real part of the cast. Salary, per diem, ISRAEL! : Ah! It’s quite a game.” I went in, and some of the actors were playing poker. That’s not saying much—I can’t remember where I live half the time. Mercury (Morris?

I looked at Mom, and she said, “Leave him alone for awhile.

Matthew has 1 job listed on their profile. So conversely, things you think could suck turn out to be great …. • You were in the TV movie, Do You Know the Muffin Man? And one of the first ones I played in was the Duke Children’s Classic.

It’s been amazing. M.L. And when did you realize this was something you could make a career out of? Just a shocking event that left a real void for everyone who knew her …. So when I went to play there in June of 1999, I went out to dinner with Mike and told him how unhappy I was in LA.

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