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By the way I think you can access Nether castle directly from the Nether portal in a room of stonehaven castle and another room in Swampton castle. I will be updating the map, just looking around it I’m as confused as everyone else:) don’t think I can take Swampton out of the map, I may be wrong not to clever with stuff like that, disappointed about the crashes shame:( thanks for great comments will be implementing many of your suggestions.

It’s taking half an hour and still not downloading. It will not download no matter how long I try. Secrets are properly hidden, and you have to find them all to win. (Don’t worry I’ll credit you) But the way the post looks, you did a excellent job at making this! -Maybe make one of JUST Swampton And, maybe add more signs, specifying what each building is? this map is huge! Does anyone else have massive areas that are just missing parts or the buildings are cut off. This looks like an amazing map well done Shrimp! Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Sorry for your frustration.

Whenever I try to download WITH MC world it doesn’t work is there another way ? It’s really really cool but I have some suggestions, I guess. This is a great map, I love Skrimville, I’m gonna live there now. Swampton is an amazingly detailed town situated in a swamp.

Is there a way to get this map into java edition to Minecraft. Also, don’t forget that if you add anything (e.g. , Can i use this in my youtube channel. cool map I have just a question how do you put many link when you want to export a map on mcpedl? It’s kind of like a zone of creativity, and you should definately keep it in! You can put one on the specific place and put the others on your submission text (or you can put all on the space for the link with a space between but I don’t know if Editor see it totally or like us on the submission interface). Its very confusing.

Mods, Maps, Skins, Seeds, Texture Packs. If you use a compass Skrimville is at the spawn point head north. I’d love to see an adventure map utilizing this map’s content.

It’s quite hard to find, but nonetheless another great creation.

Abusing this feature results in a permanent ban. You do know that stonehaven is a real town, Send help. How you doing:) I have your map it’s fantastic! It is located not that far from Swampton and it shouldn’t take too long to get there by foot. Haha, I like it! Wait did u put a cross in the ground to the left side of the cobble palace that is next to the swamp for a prank?Because i was looking around and found a cross its really creepy i was playing in the map and downloaded it in the middle of the day so yea and i was alone in the room or when you were making it (the map) did you see a cross in the ground anywhere, Go north with a compass if you can’t find the path it’s very close to Swampton. wow best map ever me and my friend checked it and its amazing. I built a sandstone temple and desert settlement around the pyramid, and some hamlets and villages near the kingdoms. I added torches in the castle and replaced the pressure plates with buttons but they keep getting in. The coordinates are: -290, 120, 1269 and -35, 171, 854. fallen-kingdom-recreated-map. Play ... Minecraft PE Maps.

Many thanks for the .mcworld link! We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Not only are they insanely huge but they are also incredibly detailed and I’ve literally spent over two hours exploring and yet I haven’t seen it all. Its easy you need 7zipper when you habe the world than go in 7zipper and click in THW works in downloads than you can See apps and minecraft than you click in minecraft icon, Just an idea if you ever wanted to make things more interesting (but to be honest it’s already AMAZINGLY FANTASMAGORICAL) you could add like, guilds around the place- so like an assassins guild, or maybe a guild of legendary heroes… but like I said earlier I would easily hands down say this is by far the best map I’ve come across, everything is absolutely stunning and very meticulously constructed, from the grandest of buildings right down to the smallest of shacks.

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