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Summoned Tower Keys in Mortal Kombat 11 are items that you need in order to access one of the Summoned Towers. Mortal Kombat 11 has an interesting and fun story mode, but the most time consuming and rewarding solo content is the challenge towers. Each modifier is associated with an Element Type: These elements can take forms within modifiers that do specific things. NOTE: In order to make your item search easy, Press CTRL + F and type the specific item in the search bar pop up. Mortal Kombat 11 has two different challenge tower modes.

That’s the thing, while Konsumables can help you get the upper hand, your main goal in choosing them is often to balance the playing field back to level. The grind in MK11 is real.

TOWER Shang Tsung skin – Magic Touch Raiden skin – God of thunder To kill a God : Liu Kang , Shang Tsung. You'll notice these change based on which Tower on the Platform you scroll to, which means precisely what you think. So, naturally, people have been wondering where they can find these Tower Keys. For mobile device users, go to the top right drop-down and select Find in Page. Towers of Time is a game mode in Mortal Kombat 11. His favorite games include Soul Reaver and Undertale. Modifiers are fight or tower-specific conditions, such as environmental attacks like fireballs, tidal waves, or even a move that turns the screen black every few seconds.

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What’s good about Klassic Towers is that you can replay them however many times you want for currency and rewards, such as Konsumambles. Some Towers of Time are a platform of several consequetive towers where one must be defeated in order to take on the next, while others are singular Boss Battles. He gets all the ninja moves as well as the straight skull. Before we get to all that, let's focus on how the basics work.

Mortal Kombat 11 is getting a huge update in the near future that will bring a ton of changes including adding a third variation for fighters, and a brand new game mode. Not all skin, gears are present in towers of time yet. Mortal Kombat 11 – In-depth Towers of Time Guide. Blood Element - Blood based modifiers will drain your Health and give it to the opponent. Mortal Kombat 11; Are the DLC Premier Towers always this late for Switch?

Klassic Towers are a good primer for the Towers of Time, which we imagine is where you’ll spend most of your MK tower time. Chances are, if you’ve played recent Mortal Kombat games, you already have a main in mind. The amount of points you'll need in a tower to achieve the extra items will vary from tower to tower, but should you perform well, this is a great way to rack up currency for the Krypt.

So, naturally, people have been wondering where they can find these Tower Keys.

Strange that it got deleted, and a pretty bad thing.

Once you exit out of an island, though, it will be replaced by a new set of challenges. Fresh Meat : Gear – Spark of the Dark Emerald Skin – Justice Warrior, Silver Spoons – Stage 5 Skin – Emerald Demoness Intro – Staff of life Taunt – Spin Out, Idiot box : Gear – Emerald Huntress , Ynyr´s Last hope, It girl : Gear – Staff of Vanishing Winds SKin – Nephrite, New order : Gear – vaeternian Warblade , Lacerator of the blood God, Take the Hourglass : Gear – Sacred Seed of Shao Kahn Skin – Cold Blooded, The death of kotal Kahn – Stage 2 Skin – Blood Thirsty Brutality – Not Dead Yet Taunt – Spilling Blood, Kotal´s Queen : Gear – Bloodmaster´s Gore Guard, Thy master Betrayed : gear – Tormentor´s Apprentice, Death to Kotal Kahn : Gear – Liquifield Netherrealm Ruby Skin – Hungry Eyes, Her dark half – Stage 3 SKin – Krimson Assassin Victory – Bleeding Edge Taunt – Blood Rain Kombat kard – Red tagline Skarlet, Blood on the rocks : Gear – Bewiching Bloodletter, Krimson Mirror Match : SKin – Maneater Gear – Distillation of dark magic, Invaders from earthrealm – Stage 4 Skin – Flesh and Blood Brutality – Feeding time Taunt – Taming Tentacles, A star is bleeding : Gear – Krimson Vessel Burster, The future tyrant : Gear – Krimson Korruptor´s Phial Skin – Enchantress of blood, Blood will Boil – Stage 5 SKin – Perfusion INtro – Aneurysm taunt – Just a sip, Thunder of war : Gear – BLood of the Damned, Zero Tolerance : Gear – Blood Phage´s Ruby Stinger, Bleeding Hellfire : SKin – Hot blooded Gear – Sudden heart attack vial, High COuntry : Gear – Humphries AimPro .243, Tombstone : Gear – Summer & winter Skin – Bettermost, High noon – Stage 2 Skin – Taos Lightning Brutality – Beast Trap TAunt – One in the Chamber, Shootist : Gear – Coral & Copperhead Skin – Sawed off, hell bent for leather – Stage 3 Skin – Mesa Verde Victory – Be Seeing you TAunt – My respects kombat kard – Brown Red tagline Erron Black, Low plains Drifter : Gear – Wickett´s Most wanted, Dead man : Skin – Goldrush Gear – War & Peace, Tall cotton – Stage 4 Skin – Marengo Brutality – Ewwww TAUnt – Draw, Gun hawk : SKin – Safari Gear – Crime & Punishment, Swanson´s Crossing – Stage 5 SKin – Gun Sight INtro – Standoff Taunt – Koin Flip, War arrow : gear – Mack & Macky skin – Blue devil, To the hourglass : Gear – Spotted Blood Raptor Skin – Cleptoparasite, Superior species – Stage 2 Skin – Paralyzer Brutality – Devoured Taunt – Lifted, Peasant blood pudding : Gear – Miasmatic Throng, Fried Tarkatan : skin – A´vital Gear – Breezy Death-Dealer, Human infestation – Stage 3 Skin – Mantodea Victory – Child Protection TAUnt – Look into my Eyes KOmbat kard – GreenishYellow D´vorah tagline, Eat their Young : Gear – Odonatae Anisopterae, Lin Kuei infection : Gear – Flesh-Piecing Hooktips, Extermination : Gear – Supercluster Metawing SKin – Aculeate, Bug in the system – Stage 4 Skin – Apex Predator Brutality – Walking In the Spiderwebs Taunt – Hardened, Electrical Storm : Gear – Cleptoparasites, Undying devotion : Gear – D´vorah´s Decay Skin – Parthenogenesis, Kytinn commodities – Stage 5 Skin – Living forest Intro – First born Taunt – Squished, The seller : Gear – insectoid aviation skin – K´fersebe, Up the stair Path : Gear – Huitzilopochtli´s Fire, To the fire´s Edge : gear – Lynx War God Talisman SKin – Ixnex, Son of k´etz – STage 2 SKin – DOg Days Brutality – Bad Kitty TAunt – You will lose, Underminer : Gear – Osh-Tekk Gleaming Macana, Blood Rival : Gear – Brilliant Osh-Tekk Sickles, My father´s SOn : Gear – Osh-Tekk Blood God Idol SKin – Scorching SOn, Defender of the realm – Stage 3 Skin – Tlamani Victory – Within Reach TAunt – God´s Praise Kombat kard – Blue Green Tagline Kotal Kahn, A father´s DUty : Gear – Obsidian bone krusher, Zero sum Player : Gear – Centeotl´s Harvest Skin – Evil Twin, Fruitless Tree – stage 4 Skin – Buluc Brutality – Down the Middle Taunt – Finding Guidance, Will power : Gear – Brilliant Puma Macuahuitl, Whispering Devil : Gear – Cueztecatl´s Slash hooks, Cruel & Cold : Gear – Burning Tlazolteotl Skin – hardened heart, Moth into flames – Stage 5 SKin – Jungle Warrior Intro – On notice Taunt – New Kahn, Style without Substance : Gear – Oncilla Macana, I am me : Gear – Gleaming Ocelot Magahuitl, Purgery : Gear – Ocelot sunstone Idol Skin – Cuauhocelotl, Cold Calculator : Gear – Hancock High Damage Explosive Skin – Decision Theory, TIme traveler : Gear – Time Traveller , Pick & Filch CS-85, Quantum Paradox : Gear – Jarek Type BD incendiary device Skin – One Possible Future, Beyond history : Gear – Cyborg commando , Lei Chen Da-45 , Holmes High-Explosive Device Skin – Autonomous Assassin, Cold call – Stage 2 SKin – Convergence brutality – Final War Taunt – Overdrive Machine victory – Reborn, Junior officer : Gear – Abductive Reasoner , Takser TL-1994, Stiff armed : Gear – Pitless , Wu Lae MK-7, Fire Support : Gear – Ta-sia model MKSF SKin – Dispassionate Warrior, Frozen in TIme : Gear – Big Bear , Moki Grade Combat Shotgun , Addison Model 11 Skin – Nichrome, Dark fate – Stage 3 Brutality – You´re Terminated Skin – Hunter Killer Victory – Endoskeleton taunt – Technological Singulary Kombat kard – Grey tagline Terminator, Sharp tongued : Gear – Modus Mortis , Kano Type KC-88, Afterburn : Gear – 85-RSLK Max Damage Grenade Skin – Ferrotitanium, Bad Wolf : Gear – Erased , Hill Model PR-1787, Damned Queen : Gear – Odell 14-LS Release Grenade Skin – Fuzzy Logic, King Kang : Gear – Acrosss time , Barton 4D4 , Zeals Type 5 – high impact Skin – Batch Normalized, Clan Destined – Stage 4 Intro – Killer Ride SKin – Ferrotitanium Taunt – Collision Course, Toothsome : Gear – Expandable , Randall RM-1017, Green Means Stop : Gear – 121-Advanced Prototype, Blistering Sun : Gear – Red Eyes , Tench TM-3994, Cold Grip : Gear – Daines & Abel Stun Grenade Skin – Built to Kill, Continuos Fire : Gear – Inscrutable , 20 Gauge Zeffeero , Crutcher 6D hand grenade Skin – Memory of the future, Hollywood hero – Stage 5 SKin – Industrial Military Victory – Terminated Intro – Across Time Taunt – Mechanical Soldier Brutality – Target Acquired, Righteous Fists : Gear – T2JD Mini Munition Skin – Neurocybernetics, Glamorous Uprising : Gear – Machine Vision , Slauson 1-105, Trailblazer : Gear – 20.10 Trench low impact grenade Skin – Cloud Robotics, Screen Legend : Gear – QUantum Killer , Damashi De-Cep Semi-auto , Class 2319 Sibra Munition SKin – Death Metal, Cold Uprising : Gear – Dreams of the Forerunners, Clash with a titan : Gear – Sole Survivor of the First Era Skin – Endless Iteration, Defenders of the Realm – Stage 2 SKin – Time´s Emissary Brutality – Evil Anvils Taunt – Eternal Sand, Hell Hath no fury : Gear – Gilded Age of Edenia, Cage Match : Gear – Last Immortal Standing SKin – Time warp, Money for nothing – stage 3 SKin – Guardian of the Hourglass Victory – Kronika´s Blessing Taunt – Feeble Attempt Kombat kard – Blue Geras tagline, Man with no name : Gear – Punsher of Procrastinators, Slice and dice : Gear – Core of the Redemption Era, One-Eyed Crooks or Better : Gear – Cursed Crest of Shinnok Skin – Final Perfection, The sun never sets on Outworld – Stage 4 Skin – Relativity Brutality – Back Blown Out Taunt – Erased History, Hired Hand : Gear – By the power of Kronika, Empire Falls : Gear – Blessed Crest of Cetrion Skin – Time After time, Time warrior – Stage 5 Skin – Here to Eternity INtro – Stepping Taunt – Final Judgement, Mirror, Mirror : Gear – Brutalist Eras of Shao Kahn, Time to die : Gear – Golden Guardian Forever Skin – Time in a Bottle, Finishing touches : Gear – Kuatan Palace Treasure SKin – Deep Pockets, One finger salute – Stage 2 SKin – Secured Asset Brutality – Hole in One TAUnt – NOwhere to hide, Touch and go : Gear – D´vorah´s Egg Satch, Hands off!

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