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It’s a win-win. Green names might reference plants, trees, and flowers. In the “Super Mario Bros” video games, these turtles have spikes—just like your hedgehog. Maybe they’ll turn out magical.

Chewy EditorialJanuary 17, 2020Pet Lovers / Pet Parenting. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); This is a list of battle pets, exclusive to venomancers.

When picking dog for smaller breeds, you need to choose something that reflects all the charm, personality and good things that come in your small package. Poodles might be one of the most fun dogs to name.

An ideal descriptor for the softest chinchillas.

Why not go literal? Whether you’re looking for a more traditional name or something downright hilarious, we’ve handpicked 100 options for every type of small pet.

If your new pet is black, why not give them a sugar glider name inspired by “Harry Potter” character Bellatrix Lestrange, member of the House of Black? %privacy_policy%. An apt description of your piggy (and a character from “South Park”). Copyright © 2020 Chewy, Inc.

We also love nature names such as Frost, Snow, or Pearl for white cats.

For the ferret who always gets in trouble. Your rabbit is black, and you love the band.

Green names can be a nod to the environment or ecology. When your hedgehog curls into a ball, they might even resemble one. Does your gerbil like to run wild on their wheel? Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password.

_g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); Names that mean love might also make good names for Labs, because they show so much affection.

The top two names for cats are Luna and Oliver, both of which are on the rise for human babies as well. Fans of the classics might want to give their hamster the name of the “Father of English literature.”. The black cat names here mean have black-related or magical associations. Perfect for your feisty female hedgehog.

Well, why not?

Pet owners put a lot of thought into naming their fur (and scale and fin) babies, looking to the pet's color or breed, to pop culture or even celebrities for name inspiration. Put it all together and come up with a name that’ll suit them for years to come. © 2020 Nameberry.com.

Western names, cool names for cowboys and cowgirls, make great names for dogs and puppies too. A good hamster name for a tiny troublemaker.

Another favorite from “Over the Hedge,” Penny is Lou’s wife. Ask Yourself These 5 Questions First, 900,000 Loving Homes for Pets! Speaking of “The Simpsons,” now the Spiderpig song is stuck in your head, isn’t it?

Names for a white male cat might include Finn, Gavin, or -- how cute is this?

We have special categories for dogs, cats, exotic pets, and house pets. This hamster name honors Elton John—and you know your hammy would look fabulous in a pair of his sunglasses.

AKA the Trix rabbit, mascot of the popular kids’ cereal. Pet owners put a lot of thought into naming their fur (and scale and fin) babies, looking to the pet's color or breed, to pop culture or even celebrities for name inspiration. Perfect for the guinea pig owner who loves beer.

Pet names today are a lot like baby names, with the names of dogs and cats often reflecting baby name popularity trends. }

Pets adopted at Christmas or given as holiday gifts might get classic Christmas names. We have special categories for dogs, cats, exotic pets, and house pets.

Names for pet reptiles can be funny or cute, meaningful or silly.

Names such as Buddy and Cookie may feel too silly for a son or daughter, but delightful and charming on a pet. A white female cat might get a girls' name that means white such as Bianca, Guinevere, or Fiona. And poodles might also get their names from their colors and their size, which can vary a lot. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Interest-Based AdsChewy Careers, Complete Guide to Caring for a New Hamster, Gerbils Vs. Hamsters: What’s the Difference, Should I Get Another Cat? A sugar glider name that’s as great for your black-and-white pet as it is for Charlie Brown’s black-and-white dog.

If you’re a “Star Wars” fan, you know that Boba Fett rarely speaks—just like your hamster!

They are ordered by type and then by level. When you bring your new furry friend home, the naming possibilities are nearly endless.

Give your mouse the name of Hermione’s cat from “Harry Potter” and who knows? Take their color, characteristics and personality into account.

Themselves named for a Mexican state and a national symbol of Mexico, Chihuahua names might also be Mexican names — such as Bruno and Oscar — with either Spanish or Nahuatl origins.

Orange cats are also sometimes referred to as tabby cats or red cats, which may inspire you to choose a name such as Tabitha or Ruby.

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