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#900 ASHLEY – From the ash wood or clearing. #532 McCORMICK – Son of Cormac.

#821 LIVINGSTON – From the town founded by Leving (given name). Here are the top 1000 last names (surnames) in the United States, according to the last U.S. census. #774 DAVILA – From the village. The Show-Me State’s third most common last name is Williams, its second most common is Johnson, and its first most common is Smith. #345 SCHWARTZ – Person of dark or swarthy complexion. #779 CONWAY – Irish surname from “Mac Connmhaigh,” a descriptional surname meaning “Head Smasher” or “Mac Connbhuidhe,” meaning “yellow hound” Not only does Minnesota have over 10,000 lakes, it also has these top three most common last names.

#162 MENDEZ – Contraction of Menendez, meaning son of Mendo. #998 TRAVIS – Occupational surname for someone who collected a tax or toll at a crossing. Literally means “Forest land.” #438 HARMON – Form of the name Herman, meaning “army man.” #169 HUNT – Hunter. Anywhere And On Any Device. #606 LARSEN – Son of Lars. #129 HERRERA – Occupational surname for an iron worker (ferrier). #252 CARLSON – Son of Carl. #40 FLORES – Son of Floro.

#973 SIERRA – Spanish surname meaning “mountain range” used for families living in or near the Galicia and Asturias regions of northern Spain. #536 HOGAN – From the Irish “O Hogain” meaning “descendent of Ógán.”

#109 HENDERSON – Son of Hendrick/Hendry. #951 STUART – Occupational surname for someone who worked as a steward/assistant.

#242 NUÑEZ – Son of Nuño #287 MARQUEZ – Son of Marco. #141 HARRISON – Son of harry. #144 WOODS – Family who lived in or near the woods. #219 ALVARADO – From the white land. The table below includes the 1000 most common last names in America. #524 HARTMAN – Dutch surname used for a “hardy/strong man.” Meaning near the water channel, strait. #393 SALINAS – Lives in a large building or fortress. #943 PARRA – Spanish/Portuguese surname, meaning “grapevine/trellis.” Possibly used for someone who grew grapes or had a winery. #873 BERNAL – Spanish surname meaning “son of Baruch.” #114 SIMMONS – Family of Simon. #793 DORSEY – From the village of Arcy in La Manche, France. The Great Lake State’s three most common last names join the rest of the majority of U.S. states. #806 GENTRY – Born of high status. #995 DUKE – Leader (of an army or troops). #942 WALLER – Either a habitational surname for someone who lived near a stone wall, or occupational for someone who built walls/was a mason. #610 MASSEY – Matthew’s land. This northwestern state shares the two most common last names with the rest of the U.S. and one is only in seven other states’ top three. Literally translates to the willow woods. These world records from every state will blow your mind. #851 CROSBY – Lives by the cross or crossing. Where HBO's series dwells on cult leader Keith Raniere's anodyne mask to heighten the shock of what lies beneath, Starz's sacrifices that shock for a sharper portrait of the monster within. #324 BARNETT – From the place near the clearing (burned place).

Literally means “Son of bringer of wisdom.” #145 WASHINGTON – From the area belonging to Wassa’s people. Your accounts lets you Digg (upvote) stories, save stories to revisit later, and more. Literally means “yew tree.” #869 RUSH – From the place with reeds or occupational surname for someone who worked with reeds.

Literally means “meadow” or “field.” Smith is the second most common and Johnson is the first. #428 RODGERS – Family of Roger. #970 CHERRY – Occupational surname for someone who grew or sold cherries.

Smith. #939 McCARTY – From the Gaelic surname “Mac Carthaigh” meaning “son of the loving one.”

Can you guess the 3 most-common last names in Alabama? Or a form of the Irish/Celtic name Conchobhair, meaning “Descendant of the Hound/Desire” – possibly meaning “wolf lover.” #72 BAILEY – Occupational surname for a bailiff. #15 ANDERSON – Son of Andrew.

#455 FISCHER – Fisherman. #506 PATTON – Son of Pat. #916 CRANE – Nickname surname given to a man who was tall and thin like a crane (bird).

Those are nearly as varied. #659 DICKERSON – Son of Richard.

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