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racial and ethnic disparities in health care essay

Mansour Rostami, Instructor 5 (up from 2. Data Synthesis: This review presents potential contributors for racial and gender disparities related to genetic susceptibility, comorbidities, preventive health services, socioeconomic factors, cultural differences, and access to care. The critique of this article examined disparities addressed but also the lack of other minorities suffering lack of mental health service use. Find out about Lean Library here, If you have access to journal via a society or associations, read the instructions below. The most powerful causes of health and health disparity are social and economic determinants or the community conditions for health.

The key finding will help in formulating the strategies for the betterment of situation. Health disparity is defined as inequality in health or the gaps in the quality of health care across races, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. The United States leads the world in spending on health care. Review of Health Status, Disparities and Barriers to Good Health University of St. Francis For ages mental illness has been seen as the ultimate curse. Through the study people will be insisted to change their thinking about the minorities and changing their behaviors. The problem statement will be expresses in the questionnaire. Some people cannot afford money to buy medication.

Several researches have been conducted with the aim to minimize the healthcare disparity. That translates into over 54 million people in the United States alone.

Once the results came out they can be analyze in different ways, with respect to race and ethnicity, with respect to age, with respect to gender or with respect to profession or locality. The next strength of this research is that based on the findings, the investigator can make an overview when the composed information is based on casual samples of major size (Creswell, 2009).

” (Healthy People 2010) There are many diseases which are very common among the minorities and causing high death rates among them. If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. (National Center for Health Statistics, 2011). Some factors are responsible for this issue like “lack of health insurance, an inadequate number of health care facilities, patient dumping, difficulty in obtaining prescription drugs and an insufficient number of African-American doctors. Tribal leaders report that diabetes, unintentional injuries, alcoholism, and substance abuse are rising to crisis proportions in American Indian and Alaska Native communities | American Indians and Alaska Natives also have disproportionately high death rates from unintentional injuries and suicide. Many of

Three quarters of disparities were found to be within-agency disparities, which were primarily related to care processes and provider/patient communications rather than to specific health care services received. What are healthcare disparities? The purpose of this paper is to give you knowledge on disparities within the health care environment.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders accounted for 22 percent of those cases, even though they made up less than four percent of the U. S. population. OKECHUKWU ONYEIZUGBE 6%; Non-Hipic white: 60.

This article entitled; Racial and ethnic disparities in health care, updated 2010, written by American College of Physicians, presents the reality of the racial and ethnic disparities in health care and made some recommendations to reduce this gaps. It will include the problem statement, questionnaire, survey sampling, data gathering tools and methods. One recent study has found that black people have a higher incidence of Hepatitis C infection than white people. Elliott, M. N. (, Morales, L. S., Elliott, M. N., Weech-Maldonado, R., Spritzer, K. L., Hays, R. D. (, Murray-Garcia, J. L., Selby, J. V., Schmittdiel, J., Grumbach, K., Quesenberry, C. P. (, Otani, K., Herrmann, P. A., Kurz, R. S. (, Rodriguez, H. P., von Glahn, T., Grembowski, D. E., Rogers, W. H., Safran, D. G. (, Schneider, E. C., Zaslavsky, A. M., Epstein, A. M. (, Thomas, B. C., Groff, S. L., Tsang, K., Carlson, L. E. (, U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division . When there is element of racism, poverty, and problematic community environment converge greater overall threats to health develop. Non-Hispanic American Indians/ Alaskan Natives in the year 2011 (Disparities in Healthcare ” This report is also available online at http://www. To eliminate the racial and ethnic discrimination in healthcare sectors it is very necessary to have a research support so that there could be a better understanding of healthcare disparities among the government, healthcare providers, insurers, employers, hospital staff, physicians, patients and general public. The aforementioned statistics reflect those that have sought or been forced into treatment.

African Americans compared to white minority groups are less likely to seek medical...... ...Health Disparity as a Public Health Initiative

Significance of the Research The research will focus on the purpose of eliminating the healthcare disparities among minorities.

the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The report presents data on differences in the use of services, access to health care, and impressions of quality for seven clinical conditions, including cancer, diabetes, end-stage renal disease, heart disease, HIV and AIDS, mental health, and respiratory disease as well as data on maternal and child health, nursing home and home health care, and patient safety. As important as managing national spending and funding is, the most important factor is the overall health of Americans.

(, Hasan, O., Lipsitz, S. R., Hicks, L. S. (, Haviland, A. M., Elliott, M. N., Weech-Maldonado, R., Hambarsoomian, K., Orr, N., Hays, R. D. (, Hebert, P. L., Sisk, J. E., Howell, E. A. Data Sources: MEDLINE search on the published literature addressing racial, ethnic, or gender disparities in acute critical illness, such as sepsis, acute lung injury, pneumonia, venous thromboembolism, and cardiac arrest. 9%)”. View or download all the content the society has access to.

Access to society journal content varies across our titles.

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