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Rise Leon has a huge level of respect and looks up to his 2003 self, and 2003 Leo would love watching and interacting with Rise Leon since it reminds him of when he was small. Friends, there was an episode of Rise of the TMNT scheduled to be released in Canada “Breaking Purple/ Reparin’ the Baron” Does anyone have a record?? I understand the fear, the uncertainty, the absolute rage if this is really the season finale of Rise. The song wormed its way into my head and latched on to my fanfic writerbrain, so I searched on YouTube for a TMNT AMV, particularly Bayverse or 2003, and there were a few amazing 2012 videos, and then I saw this, and, well. Rise may not be ending at all. It’s not their fault the company they work for isn’t great. 178 notes. S1, Ep1: Mystic Mayhem I don’t know what kind of sugar I inhaled but I am on a roll whew. They’re amazing writers. buy the show legally if you can, especially now. (Splinter themed for this week! ) | WATCH ON TUMBLR The Turtles help April throw a not-so-happy birthday party. (Splinter themed for this week! -Giant robot dinos that Mikey thinks are cute appear (”boopable snoots” is used). Remember the VA for Leonardo from the 2012 series? DOWNLOAD NEW EPISODES “RISE OF THE TMNT”. Anyway, hope you guys like it cause it’s few and far between when I do regular art. It could just be called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Mikey themed for this week! //i acTUALLY DIDN’T WROTE Source: taytei tmnt 2018 rottmnt rotmnt rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles rise of the tmnt rise of tmnt tmnt donatello donatello donnie don tmnt michelangelo … There’s no real due date or anything so have fun!! Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it! I know the evidence is severely compelling, and this could just be the end of the Shredder arc and after this, it will no longer be called Rise of the TMNT because they have risen to their full potential. (Even if Nickelodeon deserves it.). @skiesfall-from-the-stars @i-have-thicc @baphomet-official @bring-us-a-rat @im-just-trying-to-get-bi @why-am-i-cotton-candy, @specklefreckle15 @moonknightproductions @unstable-dreamer-2000 @crunchity-munchity @imgaysorry @cant-do-the-fucking-card-swipe @a-dumb-bitch-apparently, @axolotlfied @freckled-gremlin-boi @lovekittycutie @shrek-owns-my-uwus @a-bisexual-teenager @paige-in-a-spellbook @xxshattered-memoriesxx @mr-hollywood-is-here @certifiedsinglets, @alexa-lettuce @genesiscaveat @torontofarmboi @chaotic-neutral-bitch @terrible-vices @silkwingfood, @betrayal-by-impostor @willowways @ithinkimlosingmymind3 @fear-ze-queer @rattle–the–stars @antisocial-slytherin-penguin, @oreo8804 @awkward-finger-guns @enbies-and-felonies @sicklythiasus @cattaralol @ssokkas-instinctss @reggie-with-eyeliner @pipermccreepy, @we-are-all-alex @julie-and-the-phantoms-stan @only-here-for-jatp @cosmickallura @genderless-giraffe @annabethgranger123 and a bunch of other people who’s user names I’m drawing blanks on. You let tmnt 2012 run for 5 years with 5 seasons, each having at least 20 episodes, and basically ran the show into the ground. Nickelodeon may be horrible with marketing this show, but they wouldn’t do something so bad as to scrap the whole rest of the season when we were confirmed to have 26 episodes.

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