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Just remember this when you start panning the map looking for the next player to invade and find yourself in an unknown region of the map.

Resources are important; Both; you and enemy fight with each other for resources.

Now, let’s learn some quick Stellar Age game tips, cheats & strategy guide. Subscribe Us, Give your suggestions – here. Yup, there are lots of other players in near vicinity that have lots of power points.

Of course, not all buildings should be constantly upgraded. The graphics of Stellar Age are solid, with lots of details on buildings but without large and detailed battles. Stellar Age is a unique and social war game that takes you to the conquest of space. Once you see that you cannot salvage all of the ships you lost, only then upgrade Ward Complex. We hope our strategy guide helped you getting your planet-wide base in Stellar Age on feet and becoming powerful enough to drive other players away from your planet. This item produced at Antimatter Generator building and stored at Antimatter Depot. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! It is way better to spend it on getting resource packs and for getting unique bonuses such as planet shield.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming. Another way to set-up defense is by building a bunker; just near the cyber plant, you can find it there. And once that happens and you have strong defenses, only then you may commence improving your attacking potential.

Just tap on the spaceport, choose produce, select a unit and produce. Also, see – Best time-management games for Android, So, these are some useful Stellar Age tips, cheats for the beginners. [3] Given the mass of the star, one can use this rate of increase in luminosity in order to determine the age of the star. -> To save or protect your planet from enemies. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Stellar Age guide, tips, cheats & strategy to become more powerful.

Focus on weaker pirates because they would destroy just a couple of your ships, making your metal storage filled even after salvaging ships. Everything works as intended, however the game lacks in some game modes but we hope developers will widen that area in the future. At this center, you can keep track of your fleets. Even when you tap on the base icon, you will return to your planet base but once you tap on the galaxy map you will end on the same spot that’s light years away from your part of the space. Offering Quality Gameplay since 2 Years.

You should focus on those that you think are important for your play style. [11] If a red dwarf star is emitting immense stellar flares and x-rays, the star can be calculated to be in an early stage of its main-sequence lifetime, after which it will become less variable and become stable.[12].

Along with other factors, the presence of a protoplanetary disk sets a maximum limit on the age of stars. The first thing you should do once you start playing Stellar Age is to upgrade your buildings. Just upgrade the research center to at least level 3 and then start researching technologies that lead to laser defensive towers. Just upgrade the spaceport. [6] Very large stars like VY Canis Majoris, one of the largest stars known, together with NML Cygni, VX Sagittarii and Trumpler 27-1 all have radii larger than that of the average orbital radius of Jupiter in the Solar System, thus showing that they are in extremely late evolutionary stages. Just near the spaceport building, tap on the cyber plant and then choose production.

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