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In the same hallway is a hatch leading to a Riddler puzzle. Command the bot to grab the trophy and bring it you. Use Explosive Gel or a glide kick to get through it - there's a trophy on the other side. Blast the generator above it with the Remote Electrical Charge to open the way. Hanging from the ceiling of the roads that run around the base of the plaza. Crawling on the ceiling behind the escalator in the southern sector. There are two Riddler bots and three pressure pads. Zoom in to spot a cracked portion and shoot it with the Batmobile's cannon. Do so, then grapple up to the hole to find a trophy inside. You need to guide the trophy ball to the prize slot by using the Remote Electrical Charge in conjunction with the Batmobile's winch. There's a little shelter under the bridge. Shoot through with the Batmobile to find a Riddler puzzle inside.

Bleak Island: Trophies begin on the next page! Right near the previous shield. On the ceiling of the lower level of the northern sector. Cobblepot Manor is found on the southwest side of island, north of Port Adams. This can be solved while exploring Airship Alpha in story mode, or whenever you return to the ship. This one works a bit like pinball.

Grapple all the way to the top of the building across from the Urbarail Station to find this. Upon returning to the ship later in the story, the hallway near Subject Testing will hold a sentry gun. On the west-facing part of the building is a bit of wood paneling. Subway Steel Mill Museum Wonder City < > 6 Comments Tossu45 Oct 12 @ 4:56am Thanks mate! Now bust through the right door to find another trophy up some short stairs near a construction machine.

Blast it with the Remote Electrical Charge. Note the Riddler marks on the wall: blue, green, red, yellow. Panessa Studios: Jack in the Boxes begin on the next page!

Head around back to find a wood panel you can bust through. There's a Riddler puzzle along the lower roads that run by the cemetery. This will make Riddler symbols appear on the ground. Use the Batmobile remote controls and the winch to pull out the three metal bars plugged into the container - be aware that they will slowly move back into position. Hanging on an overpass on the border of the two areas.

Look for this atop a monkey cage on the lower level of the research laboratory. There's a console by the puzzle you can activate with the Remote Hacking Device. There's one more trophy down here. Let us guide you through Batman's latest adventure every step of the way! Head to the Clock Tower and activate Barbara's computer. Doing so frees the trophy and starts a timer.

When you head up the escalator, drive forward to find three splintered wooden doors. Slip through the vent to find this in a back corner. subway - riddler trophy #8, #9, #10 Duck under the Riddler door very near trophy #7 to find a room with three caged trophies. Sitting atop the marquis in the same room.

Step through and blow through the cracked wall with Explosive Gel. Winning strategies to take down the assortment of nasty bosses. Check behind you as you grapple out of the cave for the first trophy down here. High on a wall next to the first operable elevator. Also near Merchant Bridge. Use your line launcher: tight rope to wait out the electricity, then claim your prizes. To solve this one, you need to scan the Goth Corp sign. Scan this setup to solve the riddle. Found in the elevator shaft of the first elevator - it makes more sense to get it now. Use the Batclaw to rip out his chest, revealing a generator and some rotating shields. Panessa Studios: Riddles begin on the next page! When I use my decrypter to undo the locks, the door shuts tight and the … Grapple up just past the Urbarail track to find a suspended elevator. The trophy is on the ground between them. Founders Island: Trophies continue on the next page!

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