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, It is Friday! Hocus Pocus and popcorn sounds like a winning combination! Both the vanilla chai and maple brown sugar sound amazing. I will be eating straight from the bag. I would share with her. I actually have a huge interest in trying the maple brown sugar it’s different, sounds yummy and totally a fall flavor!! Available at Walmart® and various grocery retailers nationwide, put International Delight Coffee Creamer on your grocery list ASAP! TYVM . ... See MoreSee Less. Oh a big ole bowl of Sweet Chaos Vanilla Chai Popcorn sounds good right about now . ... See MoreSee Less, ☕️ A Vanilla Chai… in popcorn form! The 3 winners will be selected between Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday, October 14! Fill your bowl with Vanilla Chai Sweet Chaos and enjoy this day! It’s easier to hold with the handle , I would prefer to pour it in a bowl... a mug just isn’t big enough because I love popcorn so much! I have to try this in popcorn form.

This is the taste inspired by Cold Stone Creamery, so expect amazingly creamy flavor in every dish... we mean, cup. !, Halloween 2!! , Perk up… It is Friday! I need to find somewhere that sells it. Best of luck Sweet Chaos Popcorn fans! I love to eat popcorn anyway I can get it but if I have to make a choice I would say out of a bowl that way I can pick the best pieces first then eat the rest after. One of my fav Halloween movies ever !!! Peanut Butter Cup drizzle would be perfect to feel like a delicious treat!

Thanks, I want to ~chai~ the vanilla chai SO BAD!!! Pumpkin carvings with Maple Brown Sugar Popcorn cravings… Happy Fall! I just got done being the virtual Assistant Grandma homeschool teacher as best as I can be to my Grandson this morning. chai has got to be the best fall flavor and literally no one acknowledges it. Check out our line of products sold at retailers near you! My daughter is gluten free and we love buying your popcorn at Sheetz! Available online here and at various retailers nationwide. Thanks for chance this would be awesome! Sams used to now they don’t. Thank you so much for this Delicious Popcorn Giveaway to brighten our days Sweet Chaos.

Peanut butter cup drizzle but the maple sounds good! Jessica PattersonJessica Vanilla chai sounds amazing. Jacob Thompson. Peanut Butter Cup Drizzle would make this an extra special treat. May need to try that next time! ... See MoreSee Less, Get your Fall and Halloween bowls ready for some Sweet Chaos Popcorn! ... See MoreSee Less. Will you be selling snack size packs to hand out for Halloween? The peanut butter cup drizzle would be the best Halloween treat! . Enjoy a bag of Peanut Butter Cup Drizzle or Chocolatey Double Drizzle to start off the weekend!

My children tell me that popcorn does not make a good supper.

To enter: comment with which Sweet Chaos Popcorn would be the best treat for Halloween. I love ones based on true events cause then I really freak myself out! In a mug. That is Sweet Chaos! Inactive slides are hidden for all users and use of either the numbered slide links or the next and previous buttons are necessary to view all slides. Check out our Harris Teeter website. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome prize. Now you can have the fun flavors of ice cream any time of day. Hocus Pocus! Friday the 13th! We’ve worked with Taste Beauty to develop the most creative and highest quality collection of Signature Creation Lip Balms and Bath Bombs. . To enter: comment if you prefer to pour the Vanilla Chai Popcorn in a mug or bowl. Thanks for the giveaway! Experience the rich fragrance of your favorite Cold Stone Creamery flavors like never before with ScentAir Home. ☕️ ... See MoreSee Less. , Maple Brown Sugar Sweet Chaos is the perfect taste of fall! Available in Birthday Cake Remix, Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Devotion, Sweet Chaos is the perfect snack! I'm a huge cheese fan so I would like to try the White Cheddar or the Blue Cheese. Peanut Butter Drizzle would be the best treat for Halloween! Unapologetically unique.

Available on Amazon.com and at Walmart nationwide. Both sound beyond yummy!! The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience, just the way you want it, is right at your fingertips. We’ve taken some of our favorite Signature Creations and turned them into a drizzlicious combination of crunchy pretzels, lightly sweetened kettle corn and cookie bites. Enjoy one flavor at a time or combine flavors for a gourmet treat!

Available online here. Interested in partnering with Cold Stone Creamery to bring branded products to retail? Sweet Chaos isn’t your average indulgent snack – it tastes the best when life is at its craziest!

Crack one open, peel back each of the five little compartments, and reveal the surprise! Thank you for the chance Tina Viers, Maple Brown Sugar would be my choice but any of them would be awesome! Our specialty granolas are a delicious and healthy snacking alternative. Yes , Please and Thank you for the chance !!

, Halloween is near… it is almost here! Can’t wait to try your popcorn!

Available online here and at various grocery stores, specialty stores, pharmacies and retailers nationwide. A big bowl of popcorn, wrapped up in my favorite Afghan, watching scary movies! I have arthritis. Good luck everyone!, Halloween! Nightmare on Elm Street.. absolutely love the peanut butter cup drizzle .. VANILLA CHAI SOUNDS AMAZING! Omg! Available at many grocery and Walmart® stores.

i am obsessed with vanilla chai. Now the same great taste is available in your home with our indulgent Caramel, Fudge and Strawberry Dessert Toppings! Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie and popcorn will always be my favorite snack (or food). It sounds so delicious! My favorite snack. Report a Problem, Share a Compliment, or Make a Suggestion, Nutrition, Ingredients, Allergies & Sensitivities. Thanks for the opportunity in this #sweepstakes. I would probably eat it right out of the bag and enjoy it very much. Thanks for chance all of them are amazing! , Pumpkin carvings with Maple Brown Sugar Popcorn cravings… Happy Fall! Double Chocolate Drizzle ..Thanks for the chance! Maple brown sugar sounds amazing. We want to treat you to some Sweet Chaos Popcorn! We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween! Popcorn is a favorite of mine , and different flavors ....Awesome !! 3 people will be selected to win a bag of Vanilla Chai and 3 of our new Sweet Chaos Popcorns! Vanilla chai as a flavor is awesome!

Halloweentown. I would like to try the Maple Brown Sugar it sounds so good. Here is a giveaway to make your day! A variety of flavors is available online here, on Amazon.com, at Walmart® and various nutrition shops nationwide. I personally though love horror movies and the scarier the better!! Want to enjoy with Popcorn!!! gonna be hard to top though! I am all about Vanilla. This is a slider that visually displays various slides one at a time.

☕️3 people will be selected to win a bag of Vanilla Chai, Maple Brown Sugar, and a popcorn of their choice from Sweet Chaos! large mug along with a second mug filled with my Chai Tea! The 3 people will be selected between Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday, October 7th. , Sometimes all you need is a little Kettle Corn Popcorn… or the whole bag is just fine too! It’s the perfect treat for candy and ice cream lovers. We are always looking for innovative licensing partners to deliver the ultimate indulgence with us. Rich and sweet like ice cream, but not just any ice cream. So I'll borrow a movie name from someone else: Casper. I love to watch The Shining for Halloween but a halloween theme movie is Halloween. , Fill your bowl with Sweet Chaos Popcorn… we will help, with a giveaway!

=), Oooo!

Yay !! Sometimes all you need is a little Kettle Corn Popcorn… or the whole bag is just fine too!

The 3 winners will be selected between Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday, October 21st. Chaos Mix - it has caramel in it -perfect for a Halloween treat! Insanely irresistible. Watching it eating your popcorn would make it better. This would be so great! ... See MoreSee Less. Grab a bag and a bowl and enjoy this season! Definitely would be in a bowl for me! This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook. We outdid ourselves, once again. More for me to snack on at one time! Enter here for a chance to win some Sweet Chaos Popcorn! Ghoul Luck! Thanks for this awesome sweep. ‍♂️ ... See MoreSee Less.

=) =). Arriving home just got more indulgent! Say hello to an epic collaboration from SYNTHA-6® and Cold Stone Creamery. To enter: comment below with the name of a Halloween movie! , Each Fall day should consist of Vanilla Chai and Maple Brown Sugar… Popcorn that is! Best of luck Sweet Chaos Popcorn Fans! BEETLEJUICE!! You’re welcome! Peggy Rockwell-Pace, How to enjoy a fall day: add Sweet Chaos Popcorn to your day of course! But I have a big mug I use for snacks ☺️. Will you unbox and get a miniature Cold Stone Creamery Savory Strawberry Milkshake? Any of them would be great but the best is the Peanut Butter Cup Drizzle. What a treat! Can’t get enough of our ice cream? I’m pouring the Vanilla Chai popcorn in a bowl. I pour my popcorn in a bowl when I'm not eating it directly out of the bag!

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