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), product placement (that car and red bull, OMG THE RED BULL STUFF IS EVERYWHERE), VERY ANNOYING original characters (that most audience are hoping for them to get killed off cuz they’re so annoying), cheap/bad special effects, etc. I didn’t make this but LOL at the stuff Cnetizens come up with: It seems I can’t embed images in comments. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

YY only signed a contract with JSK who was an executive at HR along with JL.

Why they hell they just shoved it here is beyond anyone’s guess.

Liang Jian 3 (Drawing Sword 3) with Zhang Yun Long, Vengo Gao, Shawn Wei finally announces November broadcast, Insect Detective with Zhang Yao, Chu Yue, and Ma Ke, First Impressions: Jiu Liu Overlord (Cdrama, 2020), Zhou Yu Tong seduces Gong Jun into marriage in Begin Again, Trailers Galore from iQiYi and Tencent: Who’s The Murderer, Dear Missy, Ancient Love Poetry, Dou Luo Continent, Mirror Twin Cities, Spirit Realm, Chinese adaptation of Hikaru no Go with Hu Xian Xu and Zhang Chao. 1. There were fancy sequences filmed in Tibet and big action scenes filmed with YY and other actors, but they too were all cut. LOL!! However, from what you’ve said about the scenes that have already been filmed but were them cut out, it sounds like there were some pretty epic sequences that the cast and crew put a lot of hard work into. And this scene drives me effing nuts (I didn’t make these gifs either and got them from the internet): Like, you heartless bastards, at least check that Kylin’s gotten outta there before you happily blow up the joint! Men’s butt crack is equivalent to a women’s cleavage to some.

I’m not sure if the new actor can have this great chemistry YY and LYF had. Cuz the comments that popped up from Cnetizens were generally along the lines of “what a beautiful view”, etc. I’m interested in reading the original novels now too, since from the synopsis and plot descriptions I’ve seen, it looks like it’s a pretty interesting read. It just sucks with all the anticipation leading up to this series.

@ Shimokuren :O, I’d only read a bit of the novel before I heard about the drama series. Because of him I know some chinese actors now.

One of the biggest criticisms against LYF’s Wu Xie is when he’s lost in the tomb by himself and he’s supposed to be scared and anxious but instead he looks like he’s walking around a supermarket. @ lenje: I wrote a bit about this in my blog but basically the 1st 2 eps drew A LOT of hits (insanely high number of hits, smashing records, etc.) There are 9 novels because the final book (I think it’s just called “The Big Finale” or something like that) is split into two books. . episode 1 = pilot ep. Damn those evil spambots! I’m so sad because I really want to understand this story and its so great of you to upload these for us.

Korea Drama, Thailand Also, if HR’s treatment of YY is widely known in China now, I’m not sure what actors would be willing to fill in that position in season 2 and onwards, since that could very well be them in YY’s shoes in the near future. Select the department you want to search in. When you said you lost your backup is that what you meant?

The iron triangle Wu Xie, Pang Zi and Zhang Qiling restart their adventure after receiving an unusual text from Wu Sansheng. Basically your missing two episodes worth of footage. Unfortunately, the more I watched, the more uneven the series became, and the only thing that motivated me to watch was Kylin’s character, whose moments became more and more rare and in-between.

Can you tell me which scene is missing?

You’ll notice that even Ying Er’s scenes at the last episode got cut too. Thanks to the books I could understand the other 30% but many things didn’t make much sense. Now I understand the rage from the novel’s fans. In this sense, this adaptation is already a failure because of the mess they’ve made with Wu Xie’s character. The Lost Tomb is a mixture of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones with some immortal/monster stuff thrown in. I’ve seen the eps out so far and they’re pretty good. “The Lost Tomb” also is known in English as the “Grave Robbers Chronicles” and “Grave Robbery Note.” [Credit: Viki], Note: Video files are encoded by me in 720p resolution. After trading their adventures for a normal life, a text from Wu Sansheng drives them to embark on a mysterious journey for the sake of family and friendship. Lol.

The actor for Jie Yuchen confirmed that they filmed that sequence and it took almost a week, and he remembered it very well because he almost injured his back from doing that sequence. .

Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2016. It is so hard to find this when you don’t speak the language (but I will watch regardless of what they say). :3, This drama is awesome fun and even in the books there’s this EPIC BROMANCE between LYF and YY’s characters, so I think it’s great that they play it up here in the drama. In fact it’s because I like him that I care about how his performs.

Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2016.

Yeah, that’ll go well with the audience ;D. I couldn’t make up the news about HR even if I tried!

I want to see him as Kylin Now the ones we got are 45 minutes long.

It was meant to be beautiful not only visually but also meaningful in terms of character and story. If there any errors appear, please reload the page first. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Unfortunately, one girl saw (recorded/photographed?) I have honestly stalked across so many websites and at some point youtube had it and just as I was watching it, it got taken down. There was a beautiful sequence filmed in Tibet that the film crew got special permission to film on location, because that place is culturally sacred and a protected heritage site. Seriously I don’t have any hope for this drama anymore. He starts mapping out the tomb to help them find the main chamber while…, After finding a small tunnel, the Iron Triangle is on their way to the main chamber when they are suddenly attacked. At the same time, I’ve heard the English translation isn’t very faithful to the original novels, and they apparently cut out a bunch of stuff that they thought western audiences wouldn’t understand due to cultural differences. They cut out most of his scenes (especially all the action sequences) because they don’t want him to make a good impression on audiences.

– IQiyi already released the whole drama to VIPs and I guess I’ll be uploading the rest of the series too. Yeah I’d like to see more of Kylin and Wu Xie too! Bromance all the way! Some girls sneaked in a couple of signs and anytime they raised their signs security would shoot laser pointers at their eyes. 3, please use other host to download from, MU still remember by old upload. And just where will these puzzle lead the group?

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