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Slock Master is built for hunters that live … If a stranger shared camp with Tim, they’d never know he’s a giant among hunters, unless by chance, a flock of geese passed by.

After college Tim began a successful environmental consulting firm that afforded him time afield. It wasn’t long before he was killing flying birds and running rabbits. His knowledge of how to get within kill range of a bear finally came together. Clothing (Brand) Fred Eichler - Fan Page. He shows a clip of him running at the bear then shooting it directly between the eyes! Video: Can You Guess What’s Behind This “Self-defense” Beard?

government believes 15,000 grizzly bears reside in the province, and that the current “harvest”—the 350 bears hunted in B.C. “Grizzly bears will often look up in the trees and bust hunters. Six hours later he was rescued. But I’m like a 3 legged coyote, it takes more than a hole through the thigh to give me a dirt nap,” he wrote. In the fall of 1963 Tim Wells was born in Canton, Illinois and raised as a farm boy. How about some Dry Waders while listening to Hunters’ Breakfast? Password Soon after high school he picked up his first compound bow and began to reach farther prey then he had ever imagined possible. Part 3 of 3. At the 37 minute mark, you will see Tim talk about this hunt. Hunters Fight Off Grizzlies in Two Separate British Columbia Attacks, Video: Rare Two-headed Snake Caught on Video Eating a Mouse, Walter Palmer Breaks Silence, Says Killing of Lion Was Legal, Video: Italian Anglers Caught in Huge Hailstorm, Wisconsin Kayakers Rescue Buck from Underwater Cave, Video: Blue-headed Black Bear Spotted in Canada, Oklahoma Dove Poachers Arrested in Hunting Blind Made of Weed, Video: Man “Senses” Burrowing Moles, Captures Them by Hand, Apple Bans Mobile Game That Lets Players Shoot Hunters, Video: Hunter’s Stag Snatched by Helicopter Marksmen, Bears Euthanized Following Encounter with Connecticut Hiker, Video: Young Archer Finds Another Place to Store Her Arrows, Police: 8-foot King Cobra on the Loose in Orlando, Texas Air Force Personnel Detain Dove Hunters on Private Property, Video: This is One Epic Spearfishing Fail, Video: Too Hot Outside? Bow hunting predators, Coues deer and water foul to name a few. Bowhunter shoots buck arrow starts wildfire {VIDEO}. Tim turned and smiled at his grandpa. Public Figure. Big Bore Blowgun Set. Then came the humor and a bumble bee was shot from flight. Tim Wells' world famous head-shot on an Inland Grizzly Bear. Oops! Brian 'Pigman' Quaca. Tim Wells has become one of the leading names on outdoor TV. Available for: Keynote/Banquets; Clinics/Seminars; Convention & Trade Shows, Mr. Wells' fee is $3500 for 1 day & $5500 for a 2 day appearance. He wrote of his many experiences delighting thousands of readers. Red Arrow. Choose a Username Available! Tim Wells is a bowhunter and host of “Relentless Pursuit.” After your hunt this weekend take a few minutes to check out these amazing bow shots. Especially all you wonderful gents who have offered to take my wife hunting during my state of peril. Hornady Gear. By the time he noticed the bear, he couldn’t get a shot in time before walking away. Your message has been sent. Throughout college Tim would hunt before and after class. Skip to 13:30 for the injury. Please try again. Then one day it all changed when he carried a camera into the woods. This video is an old one from the first season of his hit TV show Relentless Pursuit. But to Tim it seemed less challenging and he set his sights on finding greater hunting challenges. Tim had left the farm but throughout his young childhood he shot hundreds of squirrels from the trees and obviously missed many more but hit or miss Tim left his mark. Tim Wells - Relentless Pursuits? In the fall of 1963 Tim Wells was born in Canton, Illinois and raised as a farm boy. Classic Grizzly Hunt, Relentless Pursuit Tim Wells' world famous head-shot on an Inland Grizzly Bear. This account has been suspended due to strange activity. To increase his odds of success, Wells brushed himself in. Please try again. As a part time grave digger, he invested his money primarily on arrows and broad heads. Every Saturday after the radio show, I like to park my rear on the couch and watch one of my favorite shows on The Sportsman Channel. Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit announced that he was recently injured during a trip to Africa when one of his spears dropped on his leg. It was soon after that when the family farm had been logged. Whitetail numbers were now ballooning and hunting big bucks became his primary focus. Tim was memorized at their flight.

Over the last few years, I have been spearing different types of big game animals.

To his credit, the hunter was remarkably calm while filming the incident. Slock Master. The hunt of a lifetime took a turn for the worse when one hunter found himself impaled by his own spear. And it was apparent to those around him that his hunting savvy was special especially to his best friend, his grandpa Archie. Tim Wells Relentless Pursuit. The Hunting Public. Thankfully, the spear missed his femoral artery and Wells was able to stabilize the wound before being rescued. On many occasions, I got winded on this hunt by bears.”. Video: Does Warm Ammo Shoot Faster Than Cold Ammo? Regular price $56.99 View. At one point, a nice bear snuck in, walking right down the trail and under Tim’s tree. “Hunting alone, his spear fell when he was climbing down to retrieve a camera he had dropped. I even throw my spear into a Morrell Target to prepare for the hunt,” said Wells. We wish him a speedy recovery. A flock of Canadian geese were passing overhead. Interior ends endangered species protection for gray wolves, Brett French presents: Conservation easement protects bighorn sheep habitat, USDA Forest Service Moves Christmas Tree Permits to Recreation.gov for the 2020 Season, Helena National Forest: Snowmobiling not allowed during hunting season. His fraternity relied on Tim to provide game for outdoor barbecues which was an assortment of whatever had crossed within range that week. Pay close attention about 7 minutes in for my favorite shot. By clicking on 'Join' button, you confirm that you are over 13 years of age and agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy. The goose tumbled then fell from flight crashing into Archie’s grape harbor. Now traveling the world, he hunted animals that were exotic to him. Everything from prairie dogs to antelope to grizzly bear. 'It is a well known fact from spear hunters across the world, including Tim Wells who has speared over 100 animals to date, a spear will kill an animal twice as fast as an arrow will. At the 37 minute mark, you will see Tim talk about this hunt. At the very least, they stop to figure out what is going on which sometimes gives a hunter a chance to take a shot. Standing in his grandpa’s back yard at fifteen years of age, Tim was shooting walnuts off a tree while his grandpa looked on. “On this particular hunt, I had multiple bears within 20 yards that I could have taken with a bow. “I often practice from a tree like I do when I am bowhunting. “I have been bowhunting for decades. Found a bug?SuggestionsCopyrightNeed help?Business DevelopmentGeneral inquiry, PopScreen - Video Search, Bookmarking and Discovery Engine. MORRELL MANUFACTURING1721 HWY 71 NORTH » ALMA, AR 72921 USA, TERMS & CONDITIONS » PRIVACY POLICY » SITEMAP. “I only had a limited amount of time to react and by the time I was ready for the shot, the bear was right under me and debris was in the way of the shot, so I didn’t take it. Part 3 of 3. The B.C. Entertainment Website. His family’s passion revolved around the outdoors, so his heritage laid the platform for an outdoor career that would evolve into legendary events. On screen he’s a prankster, funny but humble, and happily loving of wild animals.

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