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( Log Out /  Also, that the world today is more overwhelming, I think, to some people than it is to others. Palmer: Even though Emily the character—Jenny the actor—is on a singular journey, I’m always in the room with her.

Then of course, you get an invitation to Sundance and you’re like, “Whoo, yes! Theatre is my medium, so I love actual bodies and space. Plays include we, the invisibles (Actors Theatre of Louisville Humana Festival), Today Is My Birthday … Do you find that film and TV has impacted how people watch the play?

Susan, when you were writing it, how did you feel the form went with the content? Emily is a would-be writer whose bubble life in NYC has popped. ( Log Out /  They spend a lot of money on concerts and various things, but not necessarily theatre, and is there a way to bridge to them?” They thought this play was an interesting fit because there was something very modern about it and tech and fun in terms of the old form of radio or older form of theatre where it’s a new way of looking at it.

Why is Hilton Als So Scared of Leigh Silverman? We’ve talked in rehearsals about how there are moments when some things aren’t as easily visible from certain seats and we want to make sure that the audience, even if they only see my back, that just by listening closely, they get many different layers of information. Then imaging the production, like what is the visual world of the sonic world, was something that was confounding and exciting to be a part of early on and see how it was developed. Stefano Massini Dir. With underscoring, you can do completely anachronistic music and it’s amazing when you have something that’s turn of the century, but you’re hearing PJ Harvey guitar at the same time and you’re like, “Yes, this is amazing!” You just give over to that. For tickets and more information, click here. Jennifer Ikeda Photo by Jeremy Daniel Photography. It’s a really difficult task, but she does it so beautifully. Page 73 Productions has announced that its fall production will be the world premiere of Susan Soon He Stanton's new play, Today Is My Birthday, directed … Bernadette Peters: Young and Cute, Forever and Never, Women to Watch 2017: Women Behind the Scenes, 7 Women of Theatre History You Should Know, Female Lighting Designers: Past, Present, and Future. The New Play Exchange ® (NPX) is the world's largest digital library of scripts by living writers. Films include Bushwick Beats, Dress (winner of 2014 Hawai‘i International Film Festival Audience Award), Dispatched, Good House, and Same Will. Awards and honors include Leah Ryan FEWW, Kilroys’ List 2015-2017, Southern Rep’s Ruby Prize Runner-up, Susan Glaspell Prize Finalist, a Susan Smith Blackburn nomination, Po’okela Award for best new play, and a NET Partnership Grant with Satori Group. Performances begin on November 28 at the New Ohio Theatre for a limited run through December 23. I think the sound design world that we landed in attributes to the main character moving through and she’s on her solo voyager journey. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And Other Concerns. She is an inaugural recipient of the Venturous Playwrights Fellowship with the Lark, and an inaugural recipient of the Lark’s Van Lier Fellowship. I think it’s exciting because that’s normally behind the scenes, so to come to the forefront, but also feel well integrated and support what’s going on and for people to experience that. SUSAN SOON HE STANTON Susan: I wrote the play thinking of it as very two-dimensional, and so filling in the world with wonderful actors and sound really helped. Jennifer: There are so many ways to communicate indirectly and it’s very easy, I think, to hide through indirect forms of communication, whether that’s by writing something down that you know somebody is going to read because you’re trying to mislead them into admitting something to you, which one of the characters does in the play, or whether it’s by leaving a voicemail that has a certain tone and confidence that you’re not necessarily feeling.

Palmer is a very in-demand sound designer who had to give up other opportunities to be here with us for the whole time. I was telling David Henry Hwang, “It’s really weirding me out.” Then he’s like, “Just do the Yellow Face thing. It was advertising for my own play and an actor dropped out and the director was like, “You have to do this.” Then I went on the radio and flirted and pretended to ask out this other person who was also a fake person. In 1926, British mystery writer Agatha Christie disappeared in England. Plays include we, the invisibles (Actors Theatre of Louisville Humana Festival), Today Is My Birthday (Page73), Both Your Houses (ACT New Strands/ Crowded Fire),  Takarazuka!!! You feel like a failure, and that effort to climb out of that through communicating when communicating can make it harder. For me, it was also part of the big question of the play, because this was a play that I couldn’t imagine on stage.

I really enjoy the form. From Kumu Kahua Theatre, she has received four playwriting awards, Hawai’i Prize and Resident Prize.

In Susan Soon He Stanton’s new play Today Is My Birthday, Jennifer Ikeda plays Emily, a woman who has returned home to Hawai’i to figure out her life. To give myself more creative liberty, I named the character David Henry Hwang.” So I was like, “Well, I’m just going to lean into that extreme discomfort.” We’re doing it at Humana and the production meetings and casting has just been really horrible because everyone is like, “What is Susan’s problem? Two sisters, one claw-foot bathtub, and a young man trying to unearth the dark secrets of his grandfather’s past. Learn what the year has in store for you now! (Clubbed Thumb and East West Players), Cygnus (WP Theater Pipeline), Solstice Party! I know my audience accepts underscore tonal things, anachronistic choices. Leah Nanako Winkler on God Said This, Kentucky, and More. What do you hope audiences take away from the show? Jennifer: Yeah, and to interact with one of the designers while you’re in the process of performance, that never happens to me.

Because of how surrounded we are with film and television now, the way that sound design is done is so different. Susan: I was so weirded out by everyone thinking that Emily was me that the next play that I wrote, the main character is named Susan. She has worked as a writing consultant for Disney Theatrical Entertainment and Disney Creative Entertainment. Jennifer, can you talk a little bit more about your process in terms of performance? Experimenting with those things also has been a very interesting challenge in how to really make the story as fleshed out and complicated as it is. Stay abreast of discount offers for great theater, on Broadway or in select cities. I think I’m happy with where we landed with that perspective of where the audience lives in this radio frequency world because when she’s hung up on, and you hear her voice in the acoustic space, that feels really lonely. Before a rehearsal, we spoke with Susan, Jennifer, and Palmer about the development process, themes of the play, autobiography in work, and more. It’s one that is going to be really fun to keep exploring through the run. Finding life back home chaotic and unfulfilling, she becomes strangely activated after creating a sassy alter-ego for a radio bit. People are watching content on TV and watching films that they haven’t been exposed to and I think that that will naturally extend to what they’re interested in in the theatre. In 2011, the director of the International Monetary Fund was accused of sexual assault by a hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo, but all charges were dismissed. Susan: Sometimes I feel like it’s frustrating because I’m just like, “We all have imaginations,” but things are from some place, so they’re not completely wrong. Horoscope.com has birthday horoscopes for all 365 days of the year.

Plays include we, the invisibles (Actors Theatre of Louisville Humana Festival), Today Is My Birthday … It’s challenging because that awareness that you need as a theatre performer of this space and the energy, the molecules in the air, has to be very selective. (Live Source), The Things Are Against Us (Washington Ensemble Theatre), and Navigator (Honolulu Theatre for Youth). New York Theater Workshop / Sundance Institute Theatre Program, Lark Play Development Center/ Voice and Vision, Lark Play Development Center and Venturous Theater Fund, comedy, dark comedy, drama, experimental, romantic comedy. (Clubbed Thumb and East West Players), Cygnus (WP Theater Lab), Solstice Party! On the eleventh day, she was discovered and claimed amnesia, never speaking or writing about the incident again. Susan Soon He Stanton is a playwright, television writer, and screenwriter in New York, originally from the consonant-free town of Aiea, Hawai‘i.

There are definitely still points right now in the process where a scene will end and I stand up and I’m like, “I have no idea what’s going to happen next.”.

There’s not necessarily an emotional link. Facing retirement, Yuko begins to be haunted by the ghost of a former top star. Also, it’s a weird world to live in because we don’t live in the world on radio frequencies, but we do because we’re communicating. There’s a lot of things in this play that are very mundane, but just told in a new, slightly odd, off-kilter way, and I think in a good way to help people be aware of that. Yeah, it gets a little scary. Just to remind people the world is more strange and beautiful and interesting that they might have thought about. This play is similarly theatrical, but in a very specifically challenging way. Susan: I’m really interested in plays that have to be theatre, so I think my hope was that this would be something that would be dynamic and exciting and very, very theatrical. Susan Soon He Stanton examines the human disconnect in an age of connectedness. Similarly, I was like, “These things can be anywhere. That’s a tremendous challenge and a real testament to her ability to do all the rapid-fire shifts. The Spreckle house invites you to spend the night. A difficult librarian and a local boy who never grew up, are trapped in a library basement in Kauai by heavy rainstorm. At Sundance we had very standard microphones, so it was just the idea of people’s voices being elevated above their acoustic voice. On Adam Guettel, Silence, and the Fear of Nothingness, The Once and Future Leigh Silverman: a western. The Things Are Against Us [Les Choses Sont Contre Nous]. Today Is My Birthday by Susan Soon He Stanton Emily is a would-be writer whose bubble life in NYC has popped. I did a workshop of this play with ACT and Mozilla and it was like, “Well, there are all these young people in their 20’s and all the tech world. Yuko is the Top Star of the Takarazuka, an all-female Japanese performance troupe, that has put on lavishly staged spectacles for decades. Told through a playful mixture of live radio, voicemail, and phone calls, Today Is My Birthday is a quirky comedy about life with a thousand friends on Facebook and no one to have dinner with on Saturday night. Betsy Wolfe is Absolutely Fine. Mysterious events happen at the theater as Yuko’s sayonara performance looms and a new star is set to rise to the top. That’s fine by me. It’s amazing to see this woman who has achieved so much in her life but feels so isolated because of some of the things she hasn’t achieved, like romance and having a child, and that people tell her, “You don’t understand my life because you don’t have those things.” She’s actually really smart and she can be her own entrepreneur. Jennifer: There’s a listening aspect to this show that’s very important.

Susan: When I first started writing the play, it started off very light.

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