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Toyota Motor Corporation's U family is a family of automatic FWD/RWD/4WD transmissions found in later vehicle models.

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota.

Aisin is 51% owned by the Toyota Group of companies. . Front wheels are powered directly by the hybrid powertrain, rear wheels are powered by a dedicated electric motor with its own power control unit, reduction gear and differential. TOYMODS FACEBOOK PAGE - For all of those out there who stalk people using Facebook, Toymods has an official Page. The Atkinson-cycle engine is a type of internal combustion engine invented by James Atkinson in 1882. 4EAT-GF 4EAT-G FORD & GF4A-EL GF4A-HL MAZDA, A500 40RH 42RH 42RE 44RE A904 32RH 30RH TF-6, A518 46RH 46RE A618 47RH 47RE DODGE & JEEP, F4A41 F4A42 F4A51 F5A51 R4A51 V4A51 R5A51 V5A51, '90-'97 ACCORD 4cyl, 2.2CL, '95-'97 ODYSSEY, '96-'00 CIVIC BDRA S4RA B4RA B46A M4RA A4RA, CIVIC DX, EX, LX, '97-'98 B4RA B46A M4RA, 6F24 A6GF1 A6LF1 A6LF2 A6LF3 A6MF1 A6MF2 A6MF2H, F4A41 F4A51 F5A51 F5A5A A5GF1 A5HF1 HYUNDAI, W5A580 W5A330 NAG1 W5J400 CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP, MITSUBISHI BUILT INCLUDING DODGE & CHRYSLER, F5M51 F5M42 F5M33 F5M31 W5M32 W5M33 W5M51, MTX5 MTX75 M5TX M5TXA KSP5FW TR5A TR5B TR5C CAP5, FS5W71 FS5W71A FS5W71C FS5W71E FS5W71G FS5W71H, RS5F50 RS5F50A RS5F50C RS5F50V RS5F51 RS5F51A, NV3500 GETRAG 290 5LM60 NV3550 NV2550 NV1500, TOPLOADER 3-SPEED RAT RAN RAC RAB HEF HEG, TREMEC T170: SROD, RUG, RTS, T176, T177, HEH, DANA 18, DANA 20, DANA 24, DANA 28, DANA 300, KM100 KM120 KM150 KM155 KM190 KM195 KM272, MP1522 MP3010 MP3015C MP3022 MP3023 JEEP & DODGE, NP218 NP219 NP228 NP229 NP128 NP129 NP119, TRANSFER CASE GASKET & SEAL OVERHAUL KITS, T50 TRANSMISSION REBUILD KIT WITH SYNCHRO RINGS FITS TOYOTA COROLLA '73-'87 5-SPEED (BK176WS), T50 TRANSMISSION REBUILD KIT FITS TOYOTA COROLLA '73-'87 5-SPEED (BK176), T40 TRANSMISSION REBUILD KIT WITH SYNCHRO RINGS FITS TOYOTA COROLLA & CORONA '74-'81 4-SPEED (BK176AWS), 6304N BEARING FITS SUZUKI SAMURAI, T40 T50 T51 F4W70B FS5W60A FS5W71C FTI5 MX5 M5R1 M5R2 TRANSMISSION REAR COUNTER SHAFT BEARING FITS FORD MAZDA NISSAN TOYOTA (6304-N), T40 T50 T51 TRANSMISSION GASKET KIT FITS TOYOTA COROLLA & CORONA '73-'81 4 & 5-SPEED (T50-55), T19 TRANSMISSION REBUILD KIT WITH SYNCHRO RINGS FITS FORD '68-'87 F-SERIES & BRONCO WITH TAPERED INPUT & OUTPUT BEARING (BK147WS), T19 TRANSMISSION SYNCHRO RINGS KIT FITS '68-'87 FORD F-SERIES & BRONCO FITS INTERNATIONAL (SRK146), AX5 AX4 G53 G57 G59 L45 L52 T40 T50 T50A T51 VIT-5 TRANSMISSION SYNCHRO RINGS SET FITS '73+ JEEP TOYOTA SUZUKI GEO (SRK176), AX5 AX4 J30 G53 L40 L45 L52 T40 T50 T51 TRANSMISSION INPUT POCKET BEARING NEEDLES SET OF 14 FITS '67+ JEEP & TOYOTA (83500574), T5 NWC TRANSMISSION INPUT SHAFT 24T 26-SPLINE FITS '83-'87 V8 CAMARO & FIREBIRD (1352-085-010), C50 TRANSMISSION REBUILD KIT WITH SYNCHRO RINGS FITS TOYOTA & CHEVY '83-'86, T5 T4 T5J T4J TRANSMISSION INPUT SHAFT 21T 10-SPLINE FITS JEEP '82-'86 (83500975), 75W90 GEAR OIL FULLY SYNTHETIC 1 QUART MEETS GL-5, MT-1, & J2630 SPECS.

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