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watered down paint on wood

Update: See more about how to use this color-washing technique in any color (like turquoise!) Continue working in small sections until you are done. Vinyl Teeth Brushing Mirror Chart for Kids, Happy Thankstuffing Fabric Sign Made with the Cricut Maker, Custom Cloth Napkins Made with the Cricut EasyPress, Tea Bag Drawer Sachets {a Stitched Version and a No-Sew Version}. Check out some of my favorite projects here on the blog, or visit my homepage to learn more about The Art of Painting Furniture… where painting furniture gets real! A 1:1 ratio will give a thicker coating that can be wiped or sanded for a distressed look. After much experimentation and testing, we mixed the paint (exterior MoorGlo in a soft gloss finish) in the ratio of one part paint, one part water.

First, I dipped the brush in the brown and lightly painted it on going with the grain, making sure to work in small sections. Wooden Churches – DIY Christmas Craft Decor, Small Laundry Room Makeover – DIY Challenge, Latex Wall Paint (Sherwin Williams Extra White) (any brand will work). (Both paints were made into chalk paint first). I went to Sherwin Williams yesterday and bought the exact color (when I saw how dark it was I was unsure how it would turn out to look like your picture) and I applied it last night and it turned out exactly like I wanted!! . If you've followed a tutorial or been inspired by something you've seen here, we'd love to see pictures! You are not charged extra to use any of the links, but any income I make will be used for more fun projects! After a good wipe down though and a quick pass with my shop vac it was as good as new and ready for prep and prime. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Martha Stewart may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on (My phone and camera died while taking pictures of these steps so I couldn’t photograph the white going over the brown in the same area, but the last pic shows me blending the white over the brown just on a different section at the bottom). It started out as my studio office and now it’s a guest room for family and friends. There should be a 1-1 ratio of paint to diluting substance. It looks good with just about everything! The very last thing I did was spray paint my hardware. The printing should be visible through the paint wash. Here, get our best grilling recipes for everything from fish and meat to pizza and oysters. It turned out amazing!! YOU CAN VIEW MY FULL DISCLOSURE HERE. They offer a ton of different brands, but this one, in particular, gives my name brand brushes a run for their money. So I knew the moment I moved into this house that the doors would be painted at least some color. © 2005-2016 Remodelaholic LLC, All Rights Reserved, FREE BONUS: Kitchen Organization Boot Camp, Remodelaholic is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

Using craft paint or any water based paint and a thick paint brush or a foam brush, brush dabs of paint onto the wood, spacing them out. You likely wash your hands several times a day, but are you doing so effectively? Like it was made for it.

I used a color called Ethiopia from Behr, which is similar to Annie Sloan’s Coco, and turned it into chalk paint using my diy chalk paint recipe. We used the color wash (watered down paint) to adjust a previous stain that hadn’t been finished/sealed but it works with raw wood as well. My vision for this piece, however, demanded that I give into the rustic and weathered wood urges and just go with it, variety be damned. This is one of those paint jobs that you can actually feel relaxed doing because it’s so simple that you’re not having to intensely concentrate the whole time. Welcome guests to your home this autumn with rustic gourd garlands, decorated pumpkins, and wreaths and centerpieces made from foraged materials. Let the wood dry completely … It’s just all fun. Yay! I’m all for finding budget-friendly ways to get around buying the real deals, but only if the performance and quality are on the same level. Just watered down the black and rub it? I love to redecorate! I repeated these same steps with the white, just layering it on top of the brown.

This is not a rule, but a guide. Also did the final job look more grey than brown? (repost due to lost image quality) , Hooray! Yes, that’s what we did here — the stain wasn’t the color we liked, so we added a colorwash to adjust it. I want to enhance the gorgeous grain. Amazon has a really good wax brush that I’m in love with; it’s a great alternative to the name brand ones, which can be scarily expensive. So, first you brush on the brown then wipe it off in a straight line- then you brush the white on over the brown and wipe it off in a straight line- blending the two together. When dry, rub the surface down using 'wet and dry' abrasive paper, and clean with warm water with a little detergent added. Wet the paint brush well and go over the paint dabs and the wood, wetting the brush as needed until the board is covered with color. I just never could seem to find the right wall in my home for this project. Especially with black, you may need to have an area where you can test how much water to add to the paint to get the color intensity you want. I used latex paint and diluted it down with water. Could I lighten it by color washing it? Sometimes there’s just no substitute for the real thing. Tell me what you think! here. Don’t move on until you like the way it looks ( whether that’s removing a little bit or adding more color make sure when you step away from that section or piece that you like the way it looks).

Thank you in advance! Take a wet washcloth (not dripping but not TOO wrung out) and dip it into a tiny bit of paint. Credit: I love and use Zinsser Bulls eye Shellac or Zinsser BIN, A couple of chip paint brushes- just the basic cheap ones. As long as you don’t have a three year old going into stealth mode every few minutes trying to grab your paint as I did. I recently painted my floor and the last thing I want is to have to repaint it. Have a super week! Making it look like weathered wood because there are few things better in this world than that. This finish, which is two parts paint to one part water, reveals only a few subtle hints of the grain. I’m sure all you fellow toddler moms can relate. I’m just getting into making pallet signs where I stain the wood first. This trick is so great for customizing wood stain, so I’m glad it worked for you, too! A wash will add color without sacrificing the visual interest of the wood’s texture; all you need to do is dilute paint with water.

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