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why do eggs taste bad to me

Which is a shame of course because the fishier the taste, the higher the Omega-3s, the better the egg is for you. Plus they barely smell. We are so gullible. The good news is they have me my money back when I pointed out the wrong animal was used in the making of the product. You know if you cook them at this point you’ll be so suspicious of whether they were good or not that you’ll convince yourself they weren’t and after the first bite you’ll break out into a sweat, start feeling nauseous and just like that your mind has convinced your body you have food poisoning and you’re in bed for the next day and a half. My husband says it’s a condiment. It’s happened to me before so I knew it wasn’t my imagination. The Difference Between a Farm Fresh Egg and a Store Bought One. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? So you think you’re at a certain place in the post, then the ad finally loads and pushes the page down. hah! I haven’t noticed a fishy taste in the eggs I get from my brother-in-law but I had already made the omega-3 connection to fishy taste. Not all of them. The myth of the “vegetarian” chicken is another cute bit of marketing found on egg cartons that has a long and kinda gross story to it that leads back to Mad Cow Disease. Yum, yum! Looks like I’ll be bringing some home for me. I taste it repeatedly trying to imagine the fishy taste away. yup, i’m with both Cred & Mia. I came here today looking for an explanation about the slight fishy taste and smell , chickens eggs I threw away last night. My chickens didn’t start on it and because of that they don’t like the feed. Lots of the stuff you read on an egg carton is meaningless marketing. Why do eggs taste bad? :(. where they tested the Omega 3 enhanced eggs from the grocery stores and concluded that the eggs were definitely not worth the additional cost due to the miniscule amounts added to our diets. Thanks Mike. I buy boring eggs from a store.

Even just caught.

I use my maran eggs raw a lot because the shells are so hard that it is virtually impossible for any germs to penetrate the shell. We had fried eggs yesterday and one was fine and the other tasted like fish! Plus you could stand to lose a few pounds. Well my daughter just bit into a yoke (from one of our own brown layers) that tasted like not-so-fresh salmon, so this is good to know! So now I know that other people have experienced the same thing. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? From that day on I would have a big meal of steak and eggs for breakfast and take only fruit, usually banana & passion fruit for lunch. (luckily for me) ~ karen!

Have you ever noticed that? That being said, while reading this, I lost my place three different times due to an ad or something I imagine? I wonder if that is actually true? I threw it out thinking that it was bad, only to learn later that the taste was the result of the fact that the chickens were fed with pellets made from fish meal. We’re very off and on, me and eggs.

~ karen! :) The pop up should only show to people who are NOT subscribed to my site though so I’ll look into that and see what’s going on there. You have something fishy going on. No, it’s just more common with brown eggs apparently. Cornfed, omega 3… There’s more. Never knew this. If you can take a screen shot of the ad I can send it to my ad provider and say it’s slowing my site down.

There’s also some research that says certain breeds of chickens, particularly brown layers, that  have a gene that converts fatty acids in their diet to compounds that smell fishy. ~ karen!

Basically, the bedding from the floors of big meat-bird operations is processed and used as animal feed as it has a fair amount of nutrition in it from spilled feed and not-fully-digested stuff in the feces. Feeding them lots of live greens it was never a problem. It sounds like that will be my best bet. They’re the only eggs of all the chickens I’ve had that have ever had that weird/gross/alarming/ fishy taste. Yours is a good idea, the problem is you don’t know if it’s fishy until you crack it open. So I buy the bag o’ cooked bacon bits from Costco and when I need a hit for my scrambled eggs, I fry up some bits in the pan (because they aren’t cooked crispy enough for me) and it renders just enough yummy yummy fat to cook the eggs. Thanks, Karen.

It takes me to the top of the page and then I have to scroll back down (again). What layer pellet brand do you prefer? This happened to me the other day.

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