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why is pokémon black 2 so expensive

March … So if you have one in your collection or lurking around in the basement, dig it out, it’s worth around $1,500!

Bristol, England Seen 2 Weeks Ago Posted September 2nd, 2020 353 posts 1.3 Years 3. So, I was considering saving up or asking for Xmas, Pokémon Black or White. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Who’d of thought Pokémon cards could become this valuable! Personally, if all else was was equal, I'd definitely say Black 2, as Black 2 and White 2 are easily among my favorite games in the series. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. It's just a great game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you’re a mega-fan of Pikachu, then you might be fortunate enough to pick one of these up on eBay.

So, we thought we’d put together a list of the 20 most expensive Pokémon cards in the world and show you just how expensive some of these cards have become! r/pokemon is an unofficial Pokémon fan community. to be honest, white kyruem only looked bad in sprite form. It's probably because Black Kyurem looks cooler than White Kyurem, causing Black 2 to sell more and making it rarer, so the prices skyrocket. The price comes from them being sealed in a booster box, instead of just a booster pack. Because it’s been awarded to some of the worlds best players, it now demands $10,000. I got White 2 a while ago as it was cheaper, didn't realise there was a difference.

This is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys, trading cards, you name it! In Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, players begin their adventure as a city guardian who is sent to re... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. am i doing this right.

It's even more expensive than that nowadays. Biggest problem right now are people like me who have the games but are unwilling to sell. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps.

GBA and GBC games sell for $20 at the most. Can I get both black and white kyurem in pokemon black 2? As well as singular cards, you can also spend a lot of money on booster packs like this one. Now you can finally create the monster you've always wanted to. I didn't realize that the games were that expensive on the secondary market. Whether it’s collecting or playing the card game, working your way through the video games or watching the episodes and movies, Pokémon offers something for everyone. When you meet your God, tell him to leave me alone. i want to change my flair poke. So I'm getting a 3Ds for my birthday and I'm getting X. I was looking into buying an older Pokemon game, like Platinum or Heartgold but they are so goddamn expensive. Dang I got both versions of each lol. Originally distributed with a monthly issue of the CoroCoro comic, the Computer Error – Kamex Mega Battle card was then awarded to prize winners competing in the 1998 Kamex Mega Battles. We have reached over 155 million views in the past 6 years, and amassed over 200,000 followers on social media. Blastoise was a super rare card in 1999 and has only become more sort after as time went on. The only way to get your hands on one of these was to compete in the above-mentioned tournament or a few other competitions in 2005. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. We are continuing on our mission to inspire and motivate people around the world. This is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys, trading cards, you name it! Next on our list of the most expensive Pokémon cards in the world is this Pikachu Expedition. Doesn't Black have the tower and white has the forest and I remember most people preferred the tower to challenge. The base set shadowless first edition holographic card is exceedingly rare today, despite it being massively coveted in 1999. Black 2 and White 2 can be hard to come by, like any other DS and GBA Pokemon game. Can I activate the dropped item event in just regular Pokémon white instead of Pokémon white 2? The list of Pokémon cards and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as Ranker & The Gamer. Why are Pokemon black and black 2 so expensive Discussion / Venting Black isn't the worst as you can find it for about $45 but getting your hands on black and white 2 is another story, they're averaging around $90 and are well over double retail at release, compared to a game like emerald they out price it …

Any other game can be easily bought for $30 or less, excluding LGE and LGP. By December 29, 2013, the end of their 80th week, they had sold 3,076,701 copies, being 1,629,125 from Pokémon Black 2 and 1,447,576 from Pokémon White 2. r/pokemon is an unofficial Pokémon fan community. Black 2 is almost $40 more than white 2 on amazon, is it considered to be the better version or something?

Black and White only have the game included, nothing special. The No.3 Trainer was awarded to the third highest-ranking player in the annual World Championships. Help: ForsakenDarknes: 10: 8/3 8:30PM: All of the in game trade able Pokemon are level 100. They’re Pokemon games on slighly old hardware. I only have obtained Gen6 Pokémon games for my 3ds.

Two of those games were Black and Black 2, so he certainly didn't get those games for the almost retail price you're talking about. Matt McIntyre is a digital marketing consultant and certified marketing strategist. That being said White 2 is less popular, at least in my opinion, because White Kyurem looks pretty bad to most people so it would make sense that amazon would still have some physical copies left. Gastly is not the most exciting Pokémon that springs to mind when you’re planning your next match. If you have the one without a shadow around the image box, then you’d be able to fetch even more. © 2002–2020 The PokéCommunity™, pokecommunity.com. You can click on any of the buttons below to follow us on our social media channels; or to get in touch with the founder, Dan Western, head over to the 'contact' page.

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